TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

Talkshop is the best. I am glad that I had a chance to study here. I feel glad about the teachers. They encouraged me to be a confident and courageous person. I have learned many things from the teachers. Ms. Pilar is wonderful woman. I want to be like her. Ms. Sheila and Ms. Cecile are great teachers too. The TalkShop training made me know how to be more polite, gentle, and good in communicating.After the workshop, I became more confident in talking, writing, and reading in English. The room where we had our class is very nice. It is air-conditioned and has lots of painting which help my mind keep calm.

SertiSilalahi, Daughters of St. Anne

I feel really lucky to have the chance to study here at Talkshop. For me, it is the one of the best schools in the world, and I am happy that I was given the opportunity to study here. It touched my heart and soul. I am very thankful to the Talkshop consultants for this.I have learned a lot at TalkShop. These include not only how to to properly communicate, express myself, and construct a complete sentence – I have learned most of all more about my life and vocation. I like how the teachers here at TalkShop taught me everything. All I can really say to the TalkShopteam is thank you very much. If given the chance, I would really love to participate in more of its offered programs.

Tran Hue, Daughters of St. Anne

I enjoyed the whole time I was studying at TalkShop because I learned different things. I learned to speak and write in English using proper grammar, how to properly read, be confident in front of the class, and effectively communicate with others using expressions. I am also thankful for the teachers who are very supportive with their advice and encouragement so we always believe in ourselves. Without a doubt, I learned a lot from the best mentors of TalkShop, Ms. Cecile, Ms. Pilar and Ms. Sheila. They made the learning fun and transformative. Also, I think TalkShopstudy room where we had our session is very conducive to learning.

Renata Zendrato, Daughters of St. Anne


Talkshop has been very helpful to me. I like studying here because I felt at home and free to express myself. It is here that I learned to be confident in class discussions and gained courage to speak in front of my classmates. I also like having the TalkShop consultant to assist us with our questions. I am lucky enough to come here to study and meet consultants who are very good to us. I have learned more than English at TalkShop. I can now speak in front of the class using proper English, appropriate expressions, with a smile and lively intonations. I also like theirroom environment because it is very comfortable and conducive to learning. The room design seems like a tabernacle where I always felt the blessing of God all throughout.

Siti Justika Marbun, Daughters of St. Anne

Thank you for these two months. At first, I felt studying for two months was too long for me but now I feel as if it has ended in a flash. In this life, I have gotten a variety of experiences and learned many things from them. I feel I have improved my English skill better than before. For example, before, I could not understand what Miss Pilar was saying because she spoke so fast, but now I can understand her more. My listening skills have also improved. I have many other examples and they show that I have grown. I am sure such improvements in English are through your teaching. I am very much grateful for your help. I’m more excited to grow from now on and put my experience to good use. By the time I go back to Japan, I will continue study English and no forget the results of my lessons. I would like to say “Thank you very much”. I will never forget everything I have experienced in the Philippines. See you again!

Yuya Tanigawa, Hitachi

I learned a lot about improving confidence. Everything was well designed and I love how the seminar ended. They know their topic very well and on how to apply it.

Bernard Mallana, District Manager, BoehringerIngelheim

After the Talkshop seminar I feel like I’ve become a more confident individual. I learned relevant information which I can apply to my day to day activities.

Jeff Garcia, District Manager , BoehringerIngelheim

The overall presentation is very good. The Talkshop instructor was well prepared and well experienced. I learned so much about the concepts of strategic project management. It made me realize that handling certain projects is very rewarding.

Melissa Medrano, Verizon Wireless

TalkShop gave us a very practical Project Management training. The discussion about strategic project management gave me an idea on what to expect about roles and functionalities of being a project manager. The presentation was delivered very well and is easy to comprehend.

Naome C. Lacra , Verizon Wireless

Talkshop provided us knowledge that is very useful and can be applied in almost every project I can imagine. I learned a lot from this workshop, especially the tools that you can use to facilitate the management of projects.

Erwin T. Sanchez, Verizon Wireless


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