TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

Thanks to the TalkShop Communication Training I was able to correct my grammar. What I like the most was when we shared our work in front of the class. The TalkShop consultant was very good in teaching. I want to learn more about the different speed reading techniques! I believe that you can provide me those things for I know that TalkShop is definitely the best English training provider in the Philippines so I’m definitely enrolling with them again!

Roland Pacis, Operation Officer AIM-MDM

The TalkShop consultant is very competent The training gave me a chance to speak to myself and boost my confidence in English Communication. I want to learn more from the Best Technical Writing School in the Philippines, TalkShop !

Chelsa Cacaldo, Operation Officer AIM-MDM

TalkShop gave me the opportunity to improve my weaknesses in grammar . TalkShop also helped me improve my personality. The TalkShop consultant is very professional. My speaking and reading skills really improved a lot! I now believe that Talkshop is the Best Presentation Mastery School in the Philippines.

Kalyan Ngou, Operation Officer AIM-MDM

I learned a lot from the TalkShop and found fresh insights from it. I like their variety in teaching methods and strategies. The TalkShop consultants are very professional and approachable. The training made me feel more confident to speak in English. Thank you for providing us the Best training in the Philippines TalkShop!

Annie Tapuz, Donor Relations Officer / Student

I’ve learned a lot from the TalkShop Training most especially on the modules of the subject verb agreement. The workshop was compressed, but was enough to know everything there is to know about proper Grammar. I realized that TalkShop is the best Training Provider in Public Speaking so I’m looking forward in attending their seminars again! Thank you TalkShop!

Thomas Manlapaz, Operation Officer AIM-MDM

I learned a lot from TalkShop Training. The TalkShop consultant is very approachable and friendly. Because of this, , I gained more confidence and am able to communicate more fluently. I still want more trainings from TalkShop especially in communication, grammar, and writing. I will cherish the knowledge you taught me on how to become a better communicator. TalkShop truly is the best English School in the Philippines !

Ollie Asuncion, Operation Officer AIM-MDM

I really appreciate your effort in providing me training relative to Communication Mastery and Business Writing. The training is essential and applicable to my day to day activities. It helped me improve my communication skills both oral and written. It is an effective tool in serving customers’ needs and satisfaction. Out of all the workshops that I have attended, TalkShop is really the Best English School in the Philippines !

Myleen L. Villapardo, Treasury Supervisor- Liquigaz

I appreciate the arrangement you made for us to attend the TalkShop Workshop seminar. It was really a great experience being part of it! TalkShop is definitely the best training provider in the Philippines. The two-day workshop is of great help in my oral and written skills. Ms. Sheila Viesca is highly skilled and very approachable. So far, this is the workshop I enjoyed the most. I look forward to another TalkShop seminar where we can freely express how we feel and show what we have learned.

Marielle Centeno, Company Officer-Liquigaz

Thank you for sending me to the Best English School in the Philippines During the training, I was able to learn new things , and my oral and written communications were enhanced. Such training has made me a better writer and speaker. Ms. Sheila is perfect for teaching English! She is highly knowledgeable about the topics. My hope is that I’ll be able to attend such trainings in the future, which can further provide me the tools I need to become a better professional. Talkshop truly is the best Technical Writing School in the Philippines !

Benedict Bagang, Internal Auditor – Liquigaz

I’m very grateful for being a student of the best English School in Makati! Everything that I have learned are applicable and useful for my current job. Without the help of Sheila Viesca, I wouldn’t learn many things about presentation and written communication. The skills and knowledge she shared to us gives me more confidence in doing my work, handling customers, and dealing with concerns. I am looking forward to this kind of workshop in the future. I am proud of being part of the Best Grammar mastery School in Makati !

Maridel L. Marmolejo, Customer Service Representative


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