Workshop for Bloggers

In recent years, blogs have become a primary resource for credible information. Online communities search for reviews about food, places, events—name it!—by looking up the opinions of bloggers. Brands also see bloggers as one of the best ways to get their news out. Because of this, the spillage of bloggers in the scene has become rampant. But of the thousands out there, how many can actually be considered effective, influential, and respected?

TalkShop’s Workshop for Bloggers helps bloggers who seek to become credible, key opinion leaders to create content that is creative, well-researched, and engaging. Whether your intention is to turn your blog into a professional, profitable one or simply a more cleverly-written, search-friendly one, you will find this workshop to be a resourceful starting ground.

 Who this is for:

Existing and aspiring bloggers

Who this is for:

  1. How to enhance creativity and color in the use of words when blogging
  1. How to apply structure that will make writings understandable and easy to navigate
  1. How to learn writing techniques that will make blogs captivating and interesting
  1. How to enhance corporate communications with both external and internal clients
  1. How to effectively market online brands through Search Engine Optimization
  1. How to build confidence in business correspondences and creative writing


  1. Increased competence as a key opinion leader
  1. Enhanced creative writing skills
  1. A standout blog that more readers will refer to
  1. Stronger chances of profiting from your blog through increased ad placements and brand support


TalkShop uses Integrated Language Teaching. This means 30% of the course is comprised of facilitator-based discussions while 70% is dedicated to an interactive learning experience through:

  • SEO Orientation
  • Creative Writing Activities
  • Blog Sessions
  • Individual and Group Discussions
  • Open Fora

Course Outline

I.  Establishing your Brand

A.     Defining the Fundamentals of Branding

    • Developing your Brand Identity
    • Branding through Customer Experience
    • Mapping Customer Touch Points
    • Reviewing the Brand Architecture of Filipino Brands
    • Realizing the Brand

B.     Constructing your Brand Identity

    • The Elements of the Brand Platform
    • How to Protect your Brand through Trademarking
    • Managing the Brand Platform Process
    • Brainstorming and Screening Ideas against Brand Strategies

II.  Branding Distribution and Marketing

A.     External Communications for Branding

    • Developing the Communications Strategy
    • Distributing the Brand to all Communication Vehicles
    • Leveraging Product and Service in Brand Delivery
    • Using Distribution Channels to Manage Branding

B.     Connecting Product and Distribution Strategies

    • Social Medias for Building the Brand
    • Campaign Plan vs. Brand Plan
    • Leveraging Channel-specific Approaches
    • Other Medias for Generating Brand Awareness

III.  Professionalism through Corporate Branding

A.     Expanding the Integrated Brand Communications Plan

    • Growing the Internal Branding Framework
    • Aligning External with Internal Branding
    • Creating the Internal Brand Plan
    • Maintaining Consistency with Brand Standards

B.     Quantifying your Brand Value

    • Comprehending How to Measure Overall Brand Value
    • Using Financial Metrics
    • How to Set Up, Measure and Evaluate Brand Value
    • Assessing Brand Impact
    • Brand Value Measurement Application

IV.  Supervising your Brand

A.     Internal Branding

    • Reviewing the Branding Process
    • Choosing a New Brand
    • Calculating Brand Investment
    • The Brand Audit Process

B.  Organizing the Brand

    • Reviewing Real-life Branding Case Studies
    • Analyzing Brand Strategies
    • Assessing Customer Impact

V.  Social Networking Application

A.     Technical Social Networking

    • Using Facebook
    • Utilizing Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Other Social Networking Platforms

B.     Group Discussions

    • Spreading the Word
    • Brainstorming of Ideas
    • Mind Mapping for Solutions
    • Synthesis Networking
    • Advanced Online Marketing Introduction

VI. Revenue Enhancement Tips for Social Networkers

A.     Making Money through Social Networking

    • Understanding the Revenue Potential in Social networking
    • Finding your Market
    • Choosing a Domain Name
    • Social Networking Softwares

B.     Approaches to Earning Money through Blogs

    • Sponsored Reviews
    • Link Posts
    • Shvoong
    • Smorty
    • PayPerPost
    • 451 Press
    • Being a Guide through
    • BlogBurner
    • Digital Journals
    • In Blog Ads
    • Commercializing your Blog

C.     Other Sources for Blog Revenue

    • Using AdSense
    • E-Book Sales
    • Continuity Programs
    • Private Ad Sales/ Sponsorships
    • Using Chitika
    • Amazon Associates
    • ProBlogger Job Boards

Course duration:

20 hours




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