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    I had studied for two months in TalkShop. When I went to TalkShop, at first, I couldn’t speak and write well in English, nor could I listen easily to it. After these two months, I can express myself better in English now. Usually, the teachers asked me what I wanted to do, so I took the classes with a specific aim in mind every day. They taught me grammar, writing (with little business writing), speaking and presentation skills, and even TOEIC practice tests. My studies here gave me a wonderful experience. I will continue to study English on my own. I learned a lot and I improved my communication skills. The TalkShop consultants are interesting, kind, sometimes challenging. I liked the conversations with my classmates also. I enjoyed my classes. TalkShop made me a more talkative person. I will be back.

    Yuki Kadowaki, Hitachi Power Solutions

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    TalkShop has given me an insightful and enjoyable way to review what I know and learn new things. It has made me aware of my skills. I was able to review my grammar and learn new things that have opened my eyes to past mistakes. I was given insightful evaluation of my strengths and weaknesses to better improve my skills. I enjoy the way the topic was introduced and I like the review of the verb tenses best. TalkShop consultant gave me a very detailed lesson based on the topics. The examples were helpful and relevant, and the procedure enjoyable. Getting positive feedback and a glimpse of my weakness has made me more aware of what I need to work on.

    Mia Megan Gail Macasero, MIS Analyst
    TalkShop Grammar Mastery and Creative Writing

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    I learned so much about Planning and Organizing from this TalkShop training. Also, I now know the type of personality I have. What interests me most is the Enneagram—it helps me to understand my personality and others’. TalkShop’s Consultants are excellent in conducting the training. Now I know how vital prioritizing matters can be. I want to improve both my writing and speaking skills in future workshops with them.

    Nerissa Valdez, Call Center, Department of Trade and Industry

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    I look forward to applying the learnings in my role and in my future endeavors. Thank you, TalkShop. I learned so many things that will help me as an employee here in Financial Times. I really like the meeting management. I think that topic is very important for future leaders of the company. Through applications of the learning, I will see the effect of the workshops.

    Phol Krish Perea, Credit Controller, Financial Times

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    This TalkShop session trained me to be more appreciative of the need to manage stress. What I like most is getting introduced to the art of silence. Sheila Viesca and Robert Borjal are highly facilitative and know the topics by heart. I somehow felt relieved after. It was as if something heavy has just been extracted from my chest. The realization that stress is not at all bad and that it can be conquered and overcome, and at the very least, managed. I will be looking forward to more enriching workshops and activities with TalkShop.

    Michael dela Cruz, Team Head, LBC Express Inc.

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    TalkShop learning is a fun and challenging training. They have helped me a lot in improving my grammar and also my confidence in writing and creating new knowledge in using the correct adjectives, pronouns, and adverbs in the sentence. This training boosted my confidence in writing and communicating. I learned a lot in the TalkShop Communication Training, to boost and improve my confidence in creating and structuring letters. The Business Writing workshop design is logical in sequence. What I like the most is the part when we pronounced the words correctly and take active part in the other activities given to us. The TalkShop Consultants are very nice and amazing. They have helpedus a lot in the proper use of words and in structuring proper sentence. TalkShop helps me a lot to understand more and be more knowledgeable in using the English language.

    Erville Jo Talaoc, Metadata and Product Support

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    The first day of the TalkShopBusiness Writing Workshop was very interesting. I enjoyed the discussions and the exercises. At first, I thought the session would be all business and no fun but I was proven wrong. The materials are helpful and the lessons are informative. I learned a lot. My grammar and pronunciation are more polished after the session. In all honesty, I liked every bit of the workshop especially learning how to pronounce words properly and using prepositions. Both TalkShop Consultants are very knowledgeable about the subject. They were able to communicate the lesson in a clear and simple manner. The workshop has taught me the do’s and don’ts in grammar and writing.

    Denice Jacela, List Researcher

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    TalkShop really helps us become a better writer and speaker. In just a span of a month, I did not only become a better writer but I also became more confident when speaking and expressing myself and my thoughts in front of others. I learned quite a lot of techniques I could easily apply when communicating in both writing and speaking through exercises like Power Poses, Breathing, and Power Pauses. The workshop is designed in a way that makes learning fun and I really enjoyed applying the techniques learned in class. I had Mr. Robert Borjal and Ms. Menchie Castro as my TalkShop Instructors for my program. Both of them are welcoming, friendly, and easy to talk to. I can now stand in front of an audience without feeling nervous. I now have the confidence to communicate and respond to other people. I just feel like a better person compared to who I was before the program.

    Christopher Tan

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    I enjoyed all the activities we had and learned to express myself publicly on very enlightening topics. I’ve learned that we cannot avoid stress by avoiding it.