“It takes three weeks to prep, one day to close.”

Geo Grant Ampaso is an accomplished food and beverage manager and a partner at the Manila Cellars Wines and Spirits. He is an experienced sommelier trained at the Yats International Wine Club and the Chateau Margaux.

Geo’s passion for wine has taken him to different parts of the world in search of the finest wines to suit his palate. He has a particular fondness for the burgeoning wine market in Egypt.

Geo also specializes in bartending and catering to complement his extensive food and beverage skillset.


Relevant Training:

  • Basic & Advanced Baking                                  :     Maya Kitchen
  • Basic & Advanced Cake Decoration                  :     Maya Kitchen
  • Advanced Catering Management                     :     Manila Caterer
  • Advanced Cooking and Catering                      :      Lettered L Caterers
  • Basic Cooking for Restaurants and Buffets     :      Lettered L Caterers
  • Chef Training                                                     :     One on One with Philip Golding, Yats International Wine Club
  • Sommelier Training                                           :     One on One with Richard Hallewick, Yats International Wine Club
  • W/W and Bar Training                                       :     TGI Friday’s
  • Food, Beverage, and Bar Training                     :     TESDA NCII
  • Advanced Bar Training                                      :     Bar Hub New York
  • Sommelier Training                                           :     Chateau Margaux
  • Bar Service, Food and Beverage, and Kitchen and Buffet Management – IHG


Wine Club Affiliations:

  • PMA ’82 Winers Club
  • The Pampanga Group Wine Club
  • Sommelier Extraordinaire Wine Club
  • PMA ’87 Wine Club
  • PNPA ’92 Wine Group
  • Binondo Master