“Everything is a design.”

Mark Shryock is a professor of Global Education, Chair of The English and Communication Department at IMC, and ESL Country Coordinator between Kean-Bangladesh. He is also a dual faculty member of Kean University as well as IMC (International Medical College) and pioneered the Department of English and Communication. He continues to address serious cross-cultural communication issues in Bangladesh and teaches as the editor of IMC Medical Journal.

Mark’s expertise in training professors to teach ESL global communication certificate programs comes from over 27 years of Corporate Teaching in prestigious establishments such as Queen English Academy in Kangnung, South Korea; Kangnung National University in Wonju Campus, Wonju, South Korea; Disha International School in Pollachi, India; Yonsei University in Wonju, South Korea; JTS Solutions in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila, and the United States; Kean University in New Jersey, USA; and International Medical College in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Mark communicates his profound insights through distinguished publications and seminars such as “The Courage to Create Social Change” Prescott College Colloquium, Prescott AZ 2002; “The Benefits of Learning How to Hear your Land and Developing a Relationship with it.” Missouri Prairie Symposium 2004; “Korean-American Cultural Differences and Approaches to Creativity and Nature” Kangnung National University 2008; “The Power of Writing to Effect Change” Ateneo de Zamboanga University 2009; and “Development Issues in Southern Philippines” Mindanao State University 2010.



  • Transformative Education
  • Humanities
  • Team Organization
  • International Journalism
  • Social Change
  • Evolutionary Dynamics of Systems
  • Creative Life Purpose
  • Transformational Leadership