10 Best Speech Topics during a Welcome Dinner

TalkShop speech tipsA welcome dinner is always capped by a speech. By the time this comes around, the audience would have enjoyed the food and drinks. The welcome speech should blend in with the light mood and camaraderie. Like coffee, it should be relaxing and soothing.

Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO informs, “When working on your speech, have a purpose. Whether you aim to inform, educate, or persuade, your speech should focus on a core message. Keep it short and sweet. While it will be good to interject humor, serious topics are acceptable, but keep the tone light and your message relevant. Know your audience and connect with them through your speech.” Viesca suggests ideas on appropriate topics:

1. An inspiring story

2. Shared experiences and lessons

3. Favorite things : food, wine, hobbies, sports

4. Romance and fun topics: travel, , poems, books, movies

5. A role model

6. Unique ideas for upcoming special occasions and holidays

7. Your point of view on something important

8. How to generate excitement for an event

9. Anecdotes/insights on one’s life

10. Pop culture- fashion, the arts, music, artists, actors

A welcome speech dwells on light topics to enhance the mood of the moment. Give the audience food for thought as a takeaway. Equally important, stay sober till after your delivery.

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