Why it is hard to be a transformational leader to those close to us

You cannot ever truly know another human being; this is the marvel and mystery of love and loving, of knowing and being known.   And yet, there is sadness in this knowing also. It ... Continue Reading →

The Making of a Transformational Leader

John Quincy Adams once wrote, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”   Leaders grow people and the best way to ... Continue Reading →

Transformational Leadership

TalkShop continues to innovate its leadership programs as it extends the Transformational Leadership training to movers and shakers who seek to understand, develop, and inspire greatness ... Continue Reading →

Nancy Binay is a Simple Housewife

I had the chance to meet Nancy Binay and handle her in media training on the week when she was going to file her candidacy. She struck me as a really simple person.  I thought that ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Technical Writing

There’s Nothing Technical in Technical Writing

The word “technical” is what makes people raise an eyebrow whenever they find themselves having to improve their written communications with clients and colleagues. Numerical reports, ... Continue Reading →

Enriching Diversity through Cross Cultural Communication

With technology progressing faster than anything we’ve ever seen in the past few years, new venues for business have opened up, allowing for real-time communication across the globe. ... Continue Reading →
Speed Reading

Speed Reading and Comprehension for Everyone

It takes an average person one minute to read one page of a book whereas a speed reader can finish ten pages within the same minute and exhibit the same level of comprehension as the ... Continue Reading →

Public Speaking and Connecting with People

Public speaking can apply to any situation: from addressing an audience, speaking to co-workers, to pitching ideas to clients. Many people have expressed their fears and concerns ... Continue Reading →