You’re Fired!

There are days when it feels so right to just say the phrase, “You’re fired!”  Times when you feel it is truly appropriate and the best thing to do.   No, I am not ... Continue Reading →

The Path of Service Unfolds

The path of service is the path that allows you to help others through your unique gifts and talents. It will be by doing what is joyful and what you love, what you feel pulled towards ... Continue Reading →

The Path of Service Discovered

There are many paths to enlightenment. The Ancient Wisdom teachings that came out of India say there are seven different paths to reach enlightenment. The Wisdom teachings also state ... Continue Reading →

Values of Transformational Leaders

Transformational leaders know there is way for everyone to win through true listening. They don’t compromise.  They feel no reason for anyone to sacrifice something he values. Instead, ... Continue Reading →