Telephone Etiquette Can Save the Day

Most companies have grievously taken for granted the importance of telephone etiquette towards any customer, discerning or otherwise.  TalkShop, the leading training institute for ... Continue Reading →

Testimonials: Telephone Etiquette, by City Garden Hotel Employees

Image courtesy of english-ch.com Christy San Pedro, City Garden Hotel, Makati TalkShop taught me effective telephone etiquette and ways to handle difficult situations. I learned the ... Continue Reading →

What Not to Wear to a Job Interview

Your job interview is your opportunity to put your best foot forward.  It is your time to let your best self shine.  However, there is a tendency for some job seekers to express themselves ... Continue Reading →

Surefire Steps to Ace an Interview

Job applicants need not fear their upcoming interviews any longer.  These surefire steps to ace an interview will land you that dream job with your chosen employer.  Not so many potential ... Continue Reading →

The Top 3 Trade Secrets of Successful Creative Writers

Creative writers are not born but made.  Excellence in creative writing is a mindful decision one makes.  Anyone venturing into professional creative writing will be served best by ... Continue Reading →
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How to Ditch a Loser

Ditch the loser. Too harsh? Not really. Especially if you have been suffering for quite some time and have started talking about your pain with a wide grin on your cheeky, pimpled face. ... Continue Reading →

Asian Social Institute Taps Sheila Viesca Anew

The Asian Social Institute (ASI) taps Sheila Viesca anew as its lead professor of the English Proficiency Program for its international graduate students. ASI is a graduate school and ... Continue Reading →

TalkShop WorkShop Studio is Now Open

With a much wider array of personal effectiveness programs on its 13th year, TalkShop, the Philippines’ industry leader in corporate training and executive coaching, has expanded ... Continue Reading →

What Technical Writers Must Know

Technical writing that is purely technical is devoid of meaning.  Good technical writers know that right vocabulary, correct grammar, and clear objectives will not be enough if they ... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Good Leader Who Inspires

A good leader is a good follower. A leader is not necessarily someone scary or intimidating, although some situations may call for it.  However, what benefit will it give to the team ... Continue Reading →