Client Testimonial: Divina Lade – Program Manager-Asia Pacific, Rare Conservation

Enrolling in TalkShop has greatly improved my communication skills and confidence. I enjoyed the Assertive Communication, Persuasion and Negotiation workshop. I know that applying the ... Continue Reading →

The Real Work-Life Balance

  Majority of the workforce is now made up of people belonging mainly to two generations:  The Gen X, consisting of those born in the 1960s -80s;  and the Gen Y consisting of ... Continue Reading →

How to Make a Simple Speech Great

There are as many types of  speeches as there are reasons for writing them.  Some will make you laugh. Others will prod you to action.  A good number will make you reflect. I hear ... Continue Reading →

Client Testimonial: Tan Chen Tian, ESL Student

Through Talkshop, my English has improved. I like very much the the lessons on various conversations; they were fun and very useful. Along with conversations, lessons on pronunciation ... Continue Reading →

Client Testimonial : Elline P. Cañares, Rare Organization

I am glad I was trained by TalkShop. All the lessons I learned and the experiences I gained will be helpful in the workplace. And it gave me an understanding of my duties as an MPA ... Continue Reading →

Corporate Values Formation

Values formation happens in the corporate setting as the extension of one’s family and close social circle. Eventually, the individual who is an extension of his family also becomes ... Continue Reading →

The Worst Thing that Can Happen in the Workplace

Having worked with many organizations and the best teams, I believe that the Philippines truly has much to offer with regard quality manpower. In general, Filipinos are resilient, ... Continue Reading →

The Right Way to Teach a Language

Learning a language is meaningful in itself. However, for the meaning to be appreciated, one needs a positive learning environment. This is a situation where corrections and not judgments ... Continue Reading →

Client Testimonial: Glocel Ortega, HR Practitioner

“TalkShop is unique. The training programs not only cater to the needs but also the interest of the student. That is just one of the unique characteristics I like about TalkShop. ... Continue Reading →

Client Testimonial: Edel Junio

” Talkshop helped me build my confidence not only as a writer but also as a speaker. What I am able to write, I can already say with credibility. Now, I am no longer nervous nor ... Continue Reading →