Focus on the Proper Language Training of Children

Multi-lingual households  present a great learning experience for children  to deepen and broaden         the dimensions of their thinking through exposure to meaningful dialogues ... Continue Reading →

TalkShop’s Content Writing and Blogging WorkShop: January 4, 2014

  Are you an aspiring blogger? Or are you a business owner who wants to learn the best ways to build your brand on the Internet? TalkShop has developed a program that will give ... Continue Reading →

Learn to Negotiate Successfully

TalkShop Negotiation Skills WorkShop: Developing leadership and the win-win mindset.   Negotiation tactics are an asset in any work environment. You could be a corporate broker, ... Continue Reading →

Christmas Greetings from TalkShop

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Critical Writing is a Practical Skill

    Officers of GSIS’ Legal Secretary’s Office take the Critical Writing workshop at TalkShop. Participants are taught to develop their writing using the ongoing ... Continue Reading →

Empower Your Team through Organizational Development Training

Organizational Development by TalkShop For any business to run productively, a certain structure should be followed. From this structure, a work flow can be established so that all ... Continue Reading →

Leaders of Energizer Philippines Complete their TalkShop Program

Energizer Philippines’  managers and leaders share their TalkShop experience as they finish their 7-session program in Business Writing and Speech Eloquence. The workshop promoting ... Continue Reading →

Internal Communications Planning is a Must

Is your company running on the right path? How is it adapting to current market trends or preparing for the future? Are all employees properly utilized and are they happy? Is everyone ... Continue Reading →

Become a Successful Project Manager

As a Project Manager, you need to plan, organize, execute, and control projects effectively and efficiently. It is undoubtedly a lot of responsibility to take on. When equipped with ... Continue Reading →

Learn the Ropes: International Etiquette Training by TalkShop

Have you ever been put on the spot?  Have you ever felt so helpless because you do not have the slightest clue which behavior to show?   With various companies and industries  merging, ... Continue Reading →