TalkShop antisocial personality development training

8 Ways on How NOT to be Antisocial

Is your idea of a social night playing Xbox Live? Did you spend your prom in a corner imagining how to improve the God-awful punch but ending up saying “Hmmm this isn’t really that ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Corporate Spy Skills

The Four Spy Skills Corporate People Should Learn

James Bond anyone? If you think this is about how to swoon ladies with an enigmatic smile and a suave introduction then destroy this article right now. Real counter intelligence operatives ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Exceptional Customer Service Training

TalkShop Delivers Excellent Customer Service Training

Excellent Customer Service is not easy to master. And it definitely does not happen overnight. TalkShop, the leading provider of personal effectiveness trainings, recognize the importance ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Best English School

Tracking Down the Best English Schools in the Philippines

It only takes a quick Google search to discern that there will literally be millions of search hits when you type in “English schools in the Philippines“. And that’s far ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Project Management Training

The Advantages of a Project Management Training

You look at the clock on your desktop computer and stifle an inward sigh. Not even half a day has gone by – it’s only half past ten in the morning, in fact – but you feel as though ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop leadership training program

Why You Need Leadership Training

Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Picture this scenario: you’ve been holding your job for a number of years. You like the challenges it entails, and you generally perform ... Continue Reading →

Make the Difference with Result-Oriented Presentation

Taking the power position in presentation and wowing the target audience with the right message includes projecting the right stance, applying the right gesture, minding the room set ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop English eduaction

Why is it best to learn English in the Philippines?

It is a quite common notion that if you want to opt for the best quality in English education, you’d have to learn it from a native speaker. And of course there’s a lot of merit ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop successful look tips

The Top 5 Tips for the Successful Look

The more confident you are about the way you look, the more constructive and productive you can be. Looks alone do not tell much about one’s character, more so about his skills. You ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop personality development

What Does Personality Development Training Do?

It seems very easy to say: Be yourself. However, in many social settings, that can seem like the hardest thing to do. Why so? Seeing new people with different personalities can be disarming. ... Continue Reading →