TalkShop personality improvement tips

How to Improve your Personality

An individual’s personality strongly influences his behavior, choices, and opportunities. Personality is the overall complexion of what makes a person unique. David Funder, a psychology ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop creative writing

Creative Writing Tips from Famous Authors

Are you having a difficult time getting a head start in your writing? Don’t worry because you are not alone; even famous writers experience the same thing. Pursuing your creative ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Grammar tips

Most Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid

Grammar is one of those things that many people don’t always get right. There are so many rules; some of them may seem overwhelmingly complex. No matter how many years you spend ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop English Grammar Tips

5 Easy Tips on How to Master English Grammar

English grammar is exceptionally important in social settings as well as in business. It goes without saying, therefore, that you must take the time to properly learn it. Grammar is ... Continue Reading →

Tips to Improve Your Negotiation Skills

In making negotiations, it doesn’t matter who wins or loses. In fact, the best way to close a deal is through a mutually beneficial collaboration between both parties and not ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop training for Mt. Carmel Monastery

Carmelite Nuns Continue their TalkShop Training

While proficiency remains the goal of language lessons, the learning experience is deepened by the expertise and passion of the worthy educator, as well as the lightness and relevance ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop business planning

5 Ways to Implement Strategic Business Planning

The main purpose of having a strategic business plan is to figure out where you want your company to go. Strategic business planning should involve a clear vision, focused mission, ... Continue Reading →