TalkShop effective communication tips

Effective Communication in a Multicultural Work Setting

Relating with the different personalities at work has become even more challenging in today’s multicultural environment. This is getting to be the norm in the business landscape that ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop writing tips

Writing with Fluency and Joy

Through his career, a writer discovers the many joys of writing. He experiences “flow,” that state of high when writing comes easy, smoothly, and naturally. He stays glued to his ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Publishing tips

How to Navigate the Publishing World

Are you aspiring to write your own book one day? Do you already have the manuscript but are clueless as to how to proceed? Have you been rejected time and again by publishers, and are ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Life Coaching

Everyone Wants To Win, Not Everyone Knows How

Everyone sets out in life wanting to win. But it is easier said than done. Success is not served on a silver platter. To earn it, one has to go after it. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO, ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop effective technical writing

How to Excel in Technical Writing

Technical writing does not have to be dull. Though it does not adopt the personal touch nor emotion-laden tone, the challenge is for technical writers to be creative as well. Sheila ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Hiring Winner Tips

The Art of Hiring Winners

People are a company’s best asset. As such, it is key for recruiters to be able to evaluate job seekers accurately to choose the best. While a job description is useful, it takes ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop People Management

Managing People and Parting Ways when the Time Comes

A manager’s main tasks are to set goals and rally his staff towards the achievement of these goals. Before managing his people, a manager must first learn to motivate himself. “This ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Leadership Skills

Skills Leaders Need in 2014

The changing times require leaders to adapt. World events, environmental concerns, and globalization make us realize our interconnectedness in the face of more demanding challenges. ... Continue Reading →

Aligning Corporate Values

Corporate values serve as a road map that set a company on the road towards its vision.   They serve as the bedrock on which the entire company builds its business. Sheila Viesca, ... Continue Reading →

What Every Public Speaker Should Know

Sheila Viesca , CEO of TalkShop is also concurrent President of Executive ToastMasters under Toastmasters International.  In her younger years, she shares, “I was very shy. I did ... Continue Reading →