TalkShop punctuation tips

Most Common Punctuation Mistakes

What would happen without the use of punctuation marks Reading would not be easy. It will be a struggle to read and understand It will waste so much time. The simple exercise above ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop board meeting tips

Jargonized, Affected, and Confused

Professionals have their own jargon as a way to bond and communicate with each other. In the corporate scene, however, there is business speak that gets more confusing with time, as ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop student

1200 Minutes

1200 minutes or 20 hours is how long I spent my time in TalkShop. The time of learning, this is where I learned how to converse properly, articulate thoughts easily, project my voice ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop writing tips

Spruce Up Your Writing

Work requires much writing. Memos, reports, analyses, presentations require one to compose his thoughts and express his message effectively. More so for those in marketing, communication, ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop smart working tips

On How to Work Smarter

Today’s workload is a challenge. With companies streamlining operations, workers have their hands full – juggling tasks, meeting deadlines, while staying in control. Sheila ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop right diet habits

The Right Diet and Habits That Will Boost Your Energy

Work can be so demanding that the body goes through slumps through the workday. Others fare worse, waking up exhausted. No matter one’s disposition, he has to get his workload done. ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop time management tips

7 Tips to Succeed in Time Management

Managing time is a concern of all in the workplace. Yet, this should be viewed holistically. Managing time should cover all areas of life. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO, explains, “It ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop business communication tips

How Essential is Business Communication?

Any organization aims to send the right message and project the right image. Indeed, communication is always handled with great care. It is treated as part of corporate branding which ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Customer Service Tips

Delivering Outstanding Customer Service through Collaborative Communication

An organization serves two types of customers: External, who patronize its products and services; and internal, who are the employees requiring the services of colleagues or superiors ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop student

A Letter from a Student

First of all, thank you everyone for coming to this wonderful celebration.  Today, I would like to share some experiences and lessons that I’ve encountered here at TalkShop. At first, ... Continue Reading →