Look Professional Even on Rainy Days

Rainy days do not give one an excuse to looking drab at work. While it is difficult to pull together your best look, you owe it to yourself to look professional at all times, even during ... Continue Reading →

How to Defuse a Stressful Situation

Confrontations can be stressful. When it happens, both parties will have to tread with caution. Doing anything with caution rarely happens, however, as one antagonizes while the other ... Continue Reading →


Fostering Workplace Creativity Creativity is a highly-prized skill in the workplace. Indeed, companies stand out for their creativity and innovation in this Age of Technology.  While ... Continue Reading →

How to Realize Your Goals

  Have you set goals this year? How far have you gone?  Are you able to realize your New Year’s resolutions?  Most people feel excited when setting goals, but these fizzle ... Continue Reading →


  Flip flops continue to have a heyday. They are everywhere – at home, malls, playgrounds, the beach, as well as in church, the theatre, restaurants, and schools. There ... Continue Reading →


One is not born with natural self-confidence. It is a work in progress.  From the self-esteem gained from home, self-assurance is reinforced with every success gained, whether big ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop student

A Student Testimonial: Ana Marie V. Añala

I would like to thank my TalkShop teachers for being so patient in teaching me how to develop my personality by being confident in myself and sharing my thoughts with other people. ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop business career tips

Have You Hit a Career Plateau?

Are you always being overlooked for a promotion? Has your job become routine? Do you feel you have reached a standstill? Chances are, you have hit a plateau at work for varying reasons. Sheila ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop memory tips

Suffering from Memory Lapses

Everyone has his own story to tell about memory lapses. One steps outside the house for something, and forgets why. Another recalls an embarrassing time when he forgets the name of ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop power presentation

Make Them Stop and Listen

Good speakers know how to work the room. They project the right personality and voice to articulate their message. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO shares, “The voice is an indelible part ... Continue Reading →