Personal Branding: Bringing Out the Best of What You’ve Got (Part 2 of 2)

BRANDING LESSONS FROM THE RECENT ELECTIONS   Yes, personal branding is about perceptions. And it was so real during our recent elections.   While the promises for change ... Continue Reading →

Personal Branding: Bringing Out the Best of What You’ve Got (Part 1 of 2)

It is ironic that while effective branding in products makes you see the value of inanimate objects, people hardly apply the principles of effective branding on themselves. Brand character, ... Continue Reading →

Corporate Branding is Not Just About What You See Part 2

CHALLENGES IN CONSISTENCY Since perception stems from firsthand experience and/or experiences shared by others, the company runs the risk of having gaps with the desired values and ... Continue Reading →

Corporate Branding is not Just About What You See Part 1

When one is asked about corporate branding, his definition would initially be along the line of “elements that identify a company”.While there are brand disciplines to consider ... Continue Reading →

What Communicators Can Learn from Duterte

Throughout history, we have had many great communicators who have literally brought people to their feet, brought the house down in laughter or reduced them to tears.  There are those ... Continue Reading →

The Clamor for Duterte’s Kind of Leadership

It may be debatable but Rodrigo Duterte’s spectacular win can be summed up as the country’s clamor for true leadership in government.  The lack of leadership and impotence in ... Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Myself Better

  Dear TalkShop,   More than being better at speaking and presenting myself, I really appreciate the guidanceyou gave as I got exposed to opportunities to communicate who ... Continue Reading →