DR. SUNNIE GILES, AN ORGANIZATIONAL SCIENTIST,  conducted a study of 195 leaders in over 30 global organizations from 15 countries. In this study, she asked participants to choose the 15 most important leadership competencies from a list of 74.   Among the top choices, which strongly suggests a mode of priorities for decision makers and leadership development trainers, is the ability of leaders to empower individuals and help them find their voice.


Leaders must give clear direction with the intent to inspire the team members to be accountable for their actions.

This is an important competency that comes naturally to a leader who has the maturity to acknowledge that on his own, nothing much can be accomplished. He is able to do more when he delegates responsibilities and learns to trust that the front liners and field personnel, as the first point of contact, can make the right decisions.

Doing so will result in empowered teams, which according to research, tend to be more purposive and result-driven. These teams stand out in delivering excellent customer service because they are more satisfied with their job and more committed to their team and organization.


HOWEVER, THIS COMPETENCY IS MOST DAUNTING for many leaders because it does not deliver immediate results.  There are also unlimited possibilities for mistakes to happen at the onset when team members are empowered but not fully prepared to make the decisions.

The fear of passing on the decision-making responsibility can be unnerving and fearsome. The leader would feel the tension within him in reaction to a potential concern. Whenever this happens, he must stand back and stay out of the frame to better control the game.  This will allow him to think better as his perspectives are cleared and he becomes more in control of his feelings.


It is also wise to not let his evaluation of the current situation get clouded by his past biases. Sharing his apprehensions with the team is a good way to calm down while winning their trust and broadening his influence in the process.

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