A Universal Competency for Leadership Effectiveness


A Universal Competency For Leadership Effectiveness


ONE’S EFFECTIVENESS AS A LEADER has been the focus of studies and research by social and organizational scientists, leadership consultants and coaches. But the one competency that has been most overlooked has, in reality, posed so many challenges to businesses, organizations, and leaders alike.

LEADERS MUST HAVE STRONG ETHICS. This directly affects how they create a sense of safety for everyone in their team. Leaders are expected to constantly exemplify high ethical and moral standards while communicating clear expectations.

When a leader is able to do such, he creates an empowering environment that is defined by efficiency and trust. He fortifies his commitment to fairness, encouraging his team to be confident in their dealings and consistent in their performance.

Many employees strongly regard a safe and comfortable environment to be empowering because that is where they are more mentally and socially engaged.  When the capacity of the brain is stretched to its full creativity, innovation happens naturally.


This particular competency calls for leaders to behave in a way consistent with their beliefs. They mindfully refrain from making decisions that are at odds with their values and principles. Whenever this daunting task and commitment is overlooked, the leader feels a nagging sense of discomfort and unrest. To reconnect with his core values and authentic wholeness, the leader must introspect on how his actions can affect his path and priorities.

The clear intent to make the team feel safe must be embedded in the communication style of the leader.  He assumes a stance that is beyond reproach when he addresses, or if possible eliminates doubts in the mind of the team, using positive language frameworks and message that is free of judgment and condescension.


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