Article Revamped: A Crisis Management Chatter

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A crisis, as we know it, is a blessing in disguise.  It is any situation in our life that makes us pause then prods us to action.   It is that jolt or nudge or push which activates our archetypal energies and brings us to our senses so we get to know our best selves.  I am particularly drawn to management roles.  Not for anything, I just do not work well under supervision.  So I figure the cure to that is to reverse the role and learn to lead and manage by serving a team.  And managing crises happens to be one of the skills I ended up developing. But this particular situation has challenged me time and again.

I have always known that problem identification is the key. Then managing it comes next.  This crisis is unforeseen, consuming, recurring. And up to the very end it can remain a crisis.

How do you deal with a crisis if you cannot even accept that you are in one?  Let’s cut the chase.   Imagine yourself in a bad relationship.  Immortalize the pains you have been going through.  Accept that your relationship is the crisis. What a mess? Or a mess in the making. Regardless…

Rule of Thumb:  Ditch the loser.

Too harsh? Not really. Especially if you have been suffering for quite some time and have started talking about your pain with a wide grin on your cheeky, pimpled face.

The sad news is that you know you have let yourself go. You stopped working out. You do not go to the salon as regularly. And your current idea of a spa treatment is in the lonely privacy of your bedroom in the company of your now insect-repellent comforter that was last laundered some six months back.

Here is the news that the more intelligent side of your brain has been echoing for months (or is it years?) now:  YOU ARE IN A BAD RELATIONSHIP.

And if what you have cannot be called a relationship at this point, that is an even worse situation – and he is still bad news.  AND you are still in a crisis.   Now that you know, here are the surefire steps to ditch the loser, free yourself, get your life back, and manage the crisis once and for all.

1.        Name the target. Yes, that guy. The first step always begins with identifying the problem.

2.        If you feel that everything is his fault, you are right. Embrace that thought. Be good to yourself.

3.        Focus on his faults and everything from him or by him that may have even the slightest role in your acne breakouts, weight gain, skin sagging,               and related damages.

4.        Look at the mirror and imagine how much more beautiful you would look without all the negativity you have incurred from this  !@#$%^&*

5.        Now get your phone and take a picture of yourself on this day when you have decided to take control of the situation.                                                                             Let that picture serve as a reminder whenever you falter.

6.      Take control further by sending him one last text message ending with, “This is our last communication.                                                                                                          Do not attempt to contact me by any means.”

7.     The next phase is crucial because you would want to meet him again.  Go for it.  Only this time, to his face say, “This is our last communication.               Do not attempt to contact me by any means.”

8.    Remove all text messages between the two of you.

9.      Remove his phone number. Put his name on reject list.

10.    Delete him from all your social media accounts.

11.      Refuse to take his calls for a total of 6 months.

12.      Pamper yourself and finally book that total makeover salon visit you have unfairly deprived yourself of.


Warning: Make sure to follow all the 12 steps provided. Each one has been tested to work hand in hand with the others. Do not attempt to dilute the strength of each step by replacing drastic actions with milder ones (i.e., reject instead of block). Failure to follow the steps to the letter will result in the constant repetition of your pains/crises.

On the other hand, your compliance will very soon lead you to a more fulfilling relationship. All you have to do is to choose a guy who is willing to walk the extra mile with you. Generally, it takes less than six months to happen. In case it is with the same person, all you have to do is to save his number again. If you get back with him in 6 months or more after applying all the 12 steps religiously, you can relax knowing that you will be happier this time. NOT.  A crisis is a crisis.



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