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As a Project Manager, you need to plan, organize, execute, and control projects effectively and efficiently. It is undoubtedly a lot of responsibility to take on. When equipped with the right tools, however, you can develop the confidence to take on even the most challenging of projects.


A successful Project Manager knows what to do and how to execute his tasks. His personality and disposition matter greatly in how he influences others to successfully work with him.


Here are some TalkShop tips to help one become a better Project Manager:


  • Ask the golden question:   Many projects are most effectively addressed by first asking why.  Why is the request made in the first place?  Why are you the person chosen to do the work? Why do steps carried out?


  • Identify the end at the onset: It pays to establish how you want the project to turn out so you may prepare the right strategies, measures, and even counter measures.  Identifying the results will allow you to take advantage of the situation and anticipate potential problems.


  • Think out of the box: Successful Project Managers know how to work with their teams while being able to take themselves out of the box to look at the situations beyond their current concerns.


  • Focus on details: Be diligent in looking at the usually neglected and taken for granted details.  The more thorough you are about the minute concerns the less you have to work.  Those who fail to pay attention to details tend to be slovenly and ineffective, redoing tasks that were not given the right attention.


  • Review assumptions:  Do not jump to conclusions.  Spend time and energy clarifying and probing unclear points that may lead to faulty actions or irreparable situations.


  • Look at the good in your team members:  The only good assumption you can make is that people want to become better.  If you start with the belief that your team can reach the goal, then you motivate team spirit and ensure that any task at hand will be easier to manage.


  • Apply integrity in your actions and decisions: If you say something, then do it.  If you do something, stand by it.  Support those who are working towards the same goal.  Mentor your team to perform better.  Be honest in your opinions and fair in all your judgements.


  • Apply the golden to rule to everyone:  If you are in a position where you can make or break a person, focus on the former.  Successful Project Managers extend kindness, respect, and commitment.  Afterwards it is naturally given to them without the need to demand.


  • Commend good performance:  Recognize productive efforts and always spot opportunities to give those who do the job well a tap on the shoulder.  Rewards come in many forms, but always, the best ones are those that are given immediately.  If there is a chance to announce anyone’s accomplishments to the entire team, do so.  That is a sure-fire way to get repeat performance.


  • Serve as a manager and a leader:  Successful Project Managers are both effective and sensible.  Care for your team as you lead them.  Create a vision, uphold the corporate values, and provide guidance. The successful  Project  Manager understands that he must grow with the team as he serves them and inspires the right candidates to think and lead like him.


TalkShop’s Project Management course helps you develop the skills necessary to become a stronger Project ManAger. By the end of the four-day course, you will be able to:


Identify key considerations when planning a major project

Develop the habits of excellent planners and project managers that assure successful projects

Create a carefully laid out project plan that covers all the project management concepts

Demonstrate and efficiently use project management techniques in a work application project

Improve feasibility as well as profitability of project plans

Build higher confidence in tackling complex and difficult projects that involve problem analysis and contingency planning

Increase efficiency in developing strategic plans for business ventures

Increase success in implementing project plans and business ventures



Who Should Attend

This course is designed for aspiring project managers, business developers, project directors, project executives, and other corporate associates who deal with complex project plans. Those who are looking for a strategic and systematic method of planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating projects are encouraged to enroll in this program.



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