Carmelite Nuns Continue their TalkShop Training

TalkShop training for Mt. Carmel MonasteryWhile proficiency remains the goal of language lessons, the learning experience is deepened by the expertise and passion of the worthy educator, as well as the lightness and relevance of the target activities. This is why TalkShop – as experienced and confirmed by its students from varied walks of life, denominations, and industries – continue to soar as the best English school in the Philippines.

The contemplative nuns and novices of the Mt. Carmel Monastery, Pangasinan continue their TalkShop training under Sheila Viesca. Learn more about their language learning experience:


Sr. Mary Angeline, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Monastery

Today is a very joyful and meaningful session with Ms. Sheila Viesca. I feel more confident. I can now study something that will help me to have more knowledge in English.

Sr. Mary, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Monastery

Our activity is poignant, fulfilling, and very meaningful. I thank my congregation for this opportunity. I also thank God, my creator, for this kingdom that dwells in my heart. Also, Ms. Sheila, you are a wonderful teacher. Thank you for the lessons you taught us.

Sr. Mary Elizabeth, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Monastery

This class is exciting and enjoyable. I can learn a lot from it. I can speak freely, expressively, and with much confidence. Ms. Sheila you are a fun teacher!

Sr. Mary Therese, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Monastery

Our TalkShop class is very fulfilling and meaningful. I thank my congregation for this opportunity, Ms. Sheila for teaching us, and God for everything.

Sr. Emmanuel, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Monastery

Today I got to appreciate the English language more. I am happy because I am with everyone today. Today I learned many things. I like studying with my teacher, Ms. Sheila Viesca. The class today is very joyful and wonderful. I thank my congregation for this opportunity to learn. I thank God for everything. I thank Ms. Sheila for teaching us today. Thanks to God!

Sr. Mary Angel, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Monastery

I really enjoyed learning. The class is very interesting. Ms. Sheila is confident. All of her students are happy.

Sr. Mary Louis, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Monastery

Today, I studied English and learned more than that. I am very blessed. I was very happy during the session. I am now confident with my English. Thank you, our teacher, Ms. Sheila!

Sr. Elia Maria, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Monastery

I am very happy when I study English. Ms. Sheila, I am glad that you come here to teach us, even if our place is far. I hope you come here more often to teach us English. I studied many things. Our class is so much fun and Ms. Sheila is very zealous. I wish her home was nearer so we could study with her everyday. I thank Jesus and to you too, Ms. Sheila for teaching us. I thank God for everything too.

Sr. Mary Andrew, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Monastery

Thank you very much, Ms. Sheila. I am very happy whenever we have a class with you. You have a special way of teaching English and making us learn to appreciate what we can become with the right use of the language.

Sr. Marie Bernadette, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Monastery

Ms. Sheila taught us a lot of lessons during our short session. The activities are beautiful and joyful. I am filled with peace and joy as I learn with the best English teacher.

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