Developing Agile Leaders in Times of Change: Why Talkshop is the Go-To Solution for Adapting to New Business Realities

Adaptability and agility have become paramount for effective leadership in the ever-evolving business landscape. Enter Agile Leadership, a style of leadership that prioritizes ... Continue Reading →

TalkShop’s TESOL Certification in 20 sessions

TalkShop’s Intensive Certification in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) has been designed with you  in mind.   The  global demand for English ... Continue Reading →

Civil Service Commission Accredits TalkShop for the 3rd Time

TalkShop celebrates its 21st year as the Civil Service Commission renews for the third time itsaccreditation as a Learning and Development Institution.  Valid for 3 years, the accreditation ... Continue Reading →

TalkShop Speech & Presentation Mastery for UN Spokespersons

TalkShop, the country’s premier English communication school, completed Speech and Presentation Mastery for International Organization for Migration (IOM) on March 29 and ... Continue Reading →

The Art of Persuasion and Empathetic Conversation

  Catch the Art of Persuasion on Talkshop’s Wellness Wednesday with Dr. Felipe De Leon of National Commission for Culture and the Arts. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO, hosts today’s ... Continue Reading →

UNDP Managers Complete TalkShop Leadership Training

  United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) collaborated with premier management communication consultancy TalkShop for Leadership Communications Training. The program was designed ... Continue Reading →

Creative Loving Presence

  TalkShop presents Creative Loving Presence on Wellness Wednesday,a webinar series on guided mindfulness techniques. Expect a feast for the mind and the spirit from this packed ... Continue Reading →

Celebrating, ‘Hiyang’: The Filipino Culture of Healing

  Dr. Felipe De Leon, former Chairman of National Commission for Culture and the Arts, takes center stage in TalkShop’s Wellness Wednesday this November to talk you through embracing ... Continue Reading →

Online Communication Skills in the New Normal

WELCOME THE NEW NORMAL WITH BETTER COMMUNICATION SKILLS. Tap greater opportunities by mastering online communication skills with TalkShop, the best English school in the Philippines. ... Continue Reading →

Video Presentation: TalkShop now accepts Online Coaching

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