Fine Dining and Social Graces Training At Its Finest

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Why Assertiveness Matters for Leaders in the New Normal

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The Art of Persuasion and Empathetic Conversation

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The Power of HERE and NOW

HERE and NOW are two of life’s most important commodities. It’s up to you to claim your right to be at your best right where you are at this very moment. Every effort matters. Every ... Continue Reading →

Be in the Center of Your Life

Be the star of your own show. At a time when it’s easy to get distracted and dissuaded from taking care of ourselves, it’s good to be reminded. We can’t give what we don’t have. Continue Reading →

Do It Right

Decency. Fairness. Goodness. Virtue. Uprightness. Rectitude. We may not have the same term for righteousness. But I hope we can agree that when it is the prevailing attitude, happiness ... Continue Reading →

Master the Art of Storytelling

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Your Business and Other People’s Opinion

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Not So Good Days

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Online Communication Skills in the New Normal

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