Management Communication and Leadership Training for Government Employees

Government  work  is not only confined to the maintenance of law and order, dispensation of justice,  and generation of revenues. It is also expected to provide more and more services ... Continue Reading →


DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM TESTIMONIALS BATCH 3 Foreign Service Competency Enhancement January 8-14, 2018     Gina Velasco, Senior TOO, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism I ... Continue Reading →

TalkShop Trains Accenture to Inspire Through Great Leadership

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Personality Development: Dealing with Different Personalities

A huge part of any conflict stems from miscommunication, which, more often than not, results from a lack of understanding.  This lack of understanding is the sure fire outcome of the ... Continue Reading →

Mastering the Art of Events Hosting

You hear your name called out and you make your way to the stage. The audience greets you with applause. The lights shine brightly on your face. The microphone quivers in your sweaty ... Continue Reading →

Grammar Mastery is a Must

While good grammar is not the be-all, end-all, it can spell the big difference between someone who can communicate the message clearly and someone who communicates garbled script. The ... Continue Reading →

Manulife Financial personnel share their feedback on TalkShop’s Grammar Mastery Workshop

  At TalkShop, lessons in grammar are more than exercises to gain proficiency in sentence construction.  It is about the practical application and expression of everything an ... Continue Reading →

Personal Branding: Bringing Out the Best of What You’ve Got (Part 2 of 2)

BRANDING LESSONS FROM THE RECENT ELECTIONS   Yes, personal branding is about perceptions. And it was so real during our recent elections.   While the promises for change ... Continue Reading →

Personal Branding: Bringing Out the Best of What You’ve Got (Part 1 of 2)

It is ironic that while effective branding in products makes you see the value of inanimate objects, people hardly apply the principles of effective branding on themselves. Brand character, ... Continue Reading →

The TalkShop Revelation: Differences and Similarities

Juan Paolo N. Nacar University Student 5th Year Masters of Science in Management If there’s one thing I’d like to commend about Talkshop, it’s the personality assessment ... Continue Reading →