Choosing the Right Necktie

TalkShop necktie tipsFor business wear, men face wardrobe limitations with navy, grey, and black as main colors for suits. Thanks to the necktie, drab colors can be set off with flair. A tie can make or break an outfit. Unfortunately, many men do not know nor care about the basics when choosing the right tie.

Here are some tips from Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO, to pull the right look together:

1. Choose ties that complement the dominant colors of your shirts.

2. Choose silk ties over other materials.

3. The edge of the tie should touch the top of the belt buckle.

4. The standard tie width is 3.5 inches. Skinny ties (3 inches) are best for short, slim men while big men can get away with wider ties.

5. Dark-complexioned men should choose bright-colored ties. Fair men look best with dark colored ties.

6. For formal occasions, choose a tie in a solid color. A black tie goes with anything.

7. Have at least 12 ties in your rack.

8. Steer clear of ties with crazy, kitschy designs. Ties are accessories that should not distract attention from yourself.

Viesca adds, “Men can express themselves through their choice of ties. A fine tie speaks of good taste, style, and confidence.

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