Department of Budget and Management Takes Leadership Training with TalkShop

The first batch of  employees from the Department of Budget and Management takes Leadership Training with TalkShop on OCTOBER 23-24, 2013. The unique learning experience includes core values evaluation, corporate values alignment, management communication, and servant leadership.  TalkShop, as the leading training institute in personal effectiveness and communication excellence, has been designing world-class programs for the country’s top corporations, government organizations, and international enterprise.



Mary Rose Aguilar, BMS II, DBM

Attending TalkShop’s Leadership Training WorkShop gave us insights on how to become a better leader in the work place. I am also now more confident than ever. Thank you, TalkShop for this wonderful experience!

Trisha Baraan, BMS II, DBM

I have a better understanding of people, my colleagues and myself after this WorkShop and how this relates to leadership. Also, I have gained insight on how to prioritize. Thank you, TalkShop for conducting the Leadership WorkShop with us.

Belinda Cater, BMAN, DBM

I have learned the importance of the relationship between the good leader and the sensible follower. I now know how to handle things better as a leader. TalkShop is the venue for excellent leaders!

Lyn Dela Cruz, BMAN, DBM

I enjoyed attending TalkShop’s Leadership Training. The are knowledgeable and articulate. I am very grateful to have attended.

Arwonder-V Gismundo, AO II, DBM

TalkShop helped me regain my self-esteem. I learned good leadership and how to improve myself and help others in improve themselves. Awesome, TalkShop. I am glad I came.

Sandra S. Gallarza, BMS I, DBM

This workshop is great. The TalkShop consultants are excellent. I am now equipped with the skills to become a leader. You rock, TalkShop guys!

April Joy Guillermo, BMS I, DBM

I learned about handling stress and being more confident. TalkShop offers the best training/program about leadership that will truly enhance your ability and capacity. Thank you, TalkShop, for this opportunity and for sharing inspirational lectures and ideas.

Hazel Iligan, BMS II, DBM

This workshop experience is very informative. I like the design of the  as it allows us to be participative. I have unleashed the confidence in me, thanks TalkShop!

Catherine Isip, BMS II, DBM

This workshop opened my mind to some do’s and don’ts in communication and leadership. It unleashed my confidence as well. I am grateful to be part of this workshop by  TalkShop!

Paolo Lipana, BMS I, DBM

I became more confident after this WorkShop. I have also learned about the different personalities too. The WorkShop, it’s not just about theories but also the participation and interaction between colleagues were as important. I learned a lot from you, TalkShop, thanks!

Mary Joyce Marasigan, BMAN, DBM

I like how TalkShop encourages people to be more confident. And I can say I have got what it takes to be a leader. Keep up the good work, TalkShop team.

Joanna Victoria Navarro, BMS I, DBM

The workshop is a very enjoyable experience. I learned more about leadership and I can’t wait to use all the learning in real life. Thanks to TalkShop, I have gained confidence and better life perspective.

Ronald V. Ngo, BMS II, DBM

This WorkShop gave me insights on leadership and I am glad to be a part of it. I have become a better leader and have improved my leadership perspective. Well done, TalkShop!

Jemarie Pablo, BMAN, DBM

The TalkShop workshop is very informative and new techniques on leadership have been introduced. I became more confident because of this fun workshop by TalkShop!

May L. Piñga, BMS II, DBM

I learned that we are all unique and we need to be open minded to adapt to others. I also realize that anyone can be a good leader. The topics are very interesting,  I want to learn more from TalkShop!

Ma. Aleli F. Plazuela, BMS II, DBM

TalkShop has designed a workshop to motivate the participants to become better leaders. The TalkShop consultants have a mastery of the topic. The workshop motivated me, TalkShop. Thanks!

Gwynneth O. Reyes, BMS II, DBM

I will be an excellent leader after attending the workshop because the TalkShop team provided theories/practices which will improve my leadership skills. And I will apply the learning to my work. Thank you, TalkShop!

Rosalie A. Reyes, BMAN, DBM

In this Leadership workshop, I have learned a lot not only as an employee but also as an individual. I have learned, also, that being a leader is not just about leading but also following. Thanks for this transformative experience TalkShop team!

Cheril Samillano, BMS II, DBM 

I learned so much today about situational leadership, task-people assessment, time management, and leadership concepts. What I really like about this workshop are the realizations about people’s potentials and the good in everyone. Great workshop TalkShop!

Rosalie N. Santos, AO IV, DBM

TalkShop is organized. I have become enlightened on what and how it takes to be a leader and it reminded me to be more productive. I really appreciate the topics which are truly helpful. Thanks, TalkShop.

Jen Sunga, BMS II, DBM

I learned a lot despite time constraints. The modules are practical for everyday situations. I have discovered the best in me. I learned to develop the leader in me and enhance my capabilities. Thank you, TalkShop team!

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Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication, took up Bachelor of Arts in Literature, pursued Master's degrees in Entrepreneurship and Economics, and completed her Doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN


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