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TalkShop Foreign Service Training

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Ma. Elizabeth C. Viray, Supervising Tourism Operations-DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM,
TalkShop Foreign Service Training
I had a great time learning communication, culture, values, gaining confidence, and about honing one’s potential. What I liked most about the program was the presentation and the spontaneous participants who inspired everyone.

Our TalkShop consultant is a great teacher; Ms. Sheila Viesca is encouraging and she motivated the groups well. She brought out the best in all of us. Talkshop workshop helped me gain more confidence, make better decisions for myself (decision making). It showed me how to communicate well and interact in varied situations. It also helped me to connect deeply and share experiences relevant to the discussions.

Fe R. Buela, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, TalkShop Foreign Service Training

This Foreign Service Training by TalkShop was so far the best I’ve attended. The topics were discussed effectively, mixed with a little entertainment so it didn’t become boring at all.  It was an excellent learning experience, covering covered topics that all extremely substantial which will help me become an effective and responsible supervisor. The program design was remarkable. The Speakers were excellent and very engaging in the exercise and are also inspiring. I liked how they were active and jolly and that too helped everyone stay lively. The
handouts and the materials given will be very helpful references to guide me in becoming an effective
supervisor and government servant.

Marian B. Obispo, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
It is the best training that I’ve ever attended. It is where I discovered the talent and hidden potential in me. It really helped me a lot to boost my self-confidence. I’ve learned a lot in the training because the techniques are very good especially in pushing us to do public speaking. It helped me become a more confident person.
The part I liked about the program was helping us communicate with impact, leadership training, and personality development. Thank you very much Ms. Sheila Viesca! Two hands up for you, including my feet!!!

Bernard Gregorio, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
The over-all training module is interesting and educational. All topics are worth learning. Ms. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop’s Consultant, is great and an expert in her field. I learned good lessons that are an essential part of my personal development.

Thelma Gestopa, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM-Chief Tourism Officer, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
The Foreign Service Training helped a lot in re-stimulating one’s somehow hidden and unutilized wit and public relations capabilities. The TalkShop Consultants are competent. The workshop has reignited my self-confidence which I considered an inner shell of me.


Verra Vargas-Glass, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM-Senior Tourism Operations Officer,
TalkShop Foreign Service Training
TalkShop’s Foreign Service Training is great and educational. It refreshed my knowledge in protocol as well as my proficiency in Nihongo. I learned a lot especially in Grammar. I became a bit more conscientious. The program design is good. I like most learning about other countries’ history and

Mary Jean A. Camarin, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM-Division Chief, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
Talkshop has been effective in making us understand the basic lessons that will help one become ready for foreign service deployment. It is helpful in boosting confidence among DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM employees. The part of the program that I liked the most was building confidence in public speaking. The TalkShop Consultants are very pleasant.

Avon Timbol, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM – Chief, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
At first I was hesitant to attend the TalkShop training because it is 7 days but I’ve realized that the training is very useful. I find it very entertaining and I have no regrets in joining.

I have learned a lot from this. The TalkShop program design was comprehensive and I liked the portions on Effective Communication and all group activities. The Consultants are great! My confidence has definitely improved.

Maria Conselo E. Montoro, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, TalkShop Foreign Service Training

The training has helped me keep in mind that spoken communication in English is different from English writing. Ms. Sheila Viesca is very professional, confident, and she explains the topics clearly. She’s a very
effective Communicator. I would consider the formal dining etiquette segment as the one that has the
most transformative effect on me.

Phoebe Areno, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM – RVI, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
The Speakers, especially Ms. Sheila Viesca, was able to consistently present and deliver the lessons very well. I’ve learned so much about myself and others in the training. I discovered new things about myself as well as others and their strengths. I liked how the program design made me aware to be mindful of grammatical errors in business. The TalkShop Consultants are excellent. The , TalkShop Foreign Service Training’s transformative effect on me made me realize how all of us have our own strengths and how others’ strengths complement us as well.


Chriselle May Yambao, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
This is probably one of the most memorable trainings I’ve had in the Department of Tourism. But apart from the fun composition of participants, the workshop is meaty and significant. There are several takeaways for me from this TalkShop workshop experience, like effective communication, a review in grammar, fine dining etiquette, etc. Sheila is very professional and knowledgeable in her presentation of the modules. This workshop transformed me to be always mindful of everything I say, how I say it, and how I will look.

Warner M. Andrada, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
The training provided us the techniques to correct our mistakes in our interpersonal relationships. I’ve gained knowledge about effective communication and it was also what caught my attention. Kudos TalkShop and DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM!

Ma. Elenita Pajarillo, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
The TalkShop FS Training taught me how to always look and feel good. During the workshop, we gained new knowledge about certain things that will prove relevant in the conduct of our tasks.

The program was perfectly designed for DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM. The areas I liked the most are the
sessions on storytelling, grammar, and personality development. The TalkShop Consultants are
excellent. Needless to say, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM made the best training choice. Talkshop helped me keep in
mind to always be the best that I can be!

Ryan Sebastian, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
The training gave us very good insights on protocol, public speaking, personality development, and good grooming. All of the lessons are practical and can be applied in our services and especially in the tourism industry. TalkShop DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM workshop helped me gain more understanding of concepts that are practical and useful. The program design is excellent. I appreciated the Consultants’ friendliness and how they are approachable. I enjoyed and liked all of the lectures presented. There was never a boring moment!


Arlene A. Alipio, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM – OIC, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
The course is truly interesting and helpful especially in rediscovering our potentials. The Trainer (Ms. Sheila Viesca) is very competent and approachable. She guided us through the lessons well. I hope our entire Division will be able to engage her services, in all our industry trainings.
I also love the exercises on effective communication. Another part of the program I liked very much was the make-up and make-over module. We learned to properly apply products on our faces faster and correctly when there are time constraints.

Caesar Prudencio A. Regis, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM – STOO, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
Prior to attending this workshop I was not very confident with myself especially in talking in front of a big crowd. But with the help and guidance of the Talkshop Consultant, I can say that I can now face my fears and develop confidence. I am able to speak and act better now especially in terms of my professional life and career. After attending this , TalkShop Foreign Service Training by TalkShop, I feel more confident now with my grammar and in terms of using my ability to speak in front of people.

Milagros Say, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
I learned a lot especially those that I thought I already know. TalkShop program design is organized and relevantly structured. The TalkShop Consultants, especially Ms. Sheila, is engaging and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the lessons on understanding personalities and the session on make-up. Everything about the workshop created transformative effect on me.

Marites T. Castro, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM – Chief
The training is very informative and useful in our work. I am excited to apply what I learned in the workplace. Ms. Sheila is good and accommodating. I liked how I was also able to understand the culture of other countries.
Judilyn Quiachon, SPVG TOO, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM I like and appreciate the review of grammar. I give Ms. Sheila an excellent rating. I gained self- enhancement. Thank you DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM and TalkShop.


Susan Nagtalon, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM – Chief Admin. Officer, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
I learned so much about verbal communication and body language, proper decorum and diplomatic protocol. The DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM/TalkShop program design is very informative and useful. It is applicable both in our professional work as well as in our personal undertakings. Ms. Sheila Viesca is very knowledgeable in all the subject-matter. She is very credible and she shares her knowledge in a way that the participants could relate to very well. She is also very fancy haha! The workshop taught me to be mindful of my actions and my words while dealing with all kinds of people and personalities.

Imelda Garduque, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM – Region 2, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
During our first day of this training I felt so nervous when I saw my co-participants who are Division Heads, most of whom have been long-time officers in DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM. But when we did the first activity, it was reassuring – I found this seminar to be very interesting and extremely helpful. I learned so much that I believe what I have learned will be a helpful tool in improving my attitude towards work, in enhancing my personality, and increasing my accomplishments. The part of the program that I liked the most was the portions on Global Language and Effective Communication. It was nice to immerse myself in different languages. Ms. Sheila Viesca is the best speaker I have ever encountered. I’m very thankful for this experience.

Modesto Balaloy, CTOO, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, TalkShop Foreign Service Training

There is still much to learn-don’t stop learning. Thank you TalkShop for the inspiring reminders. I like the lesson in personality inventory very much. The Consultant, Ms. Sheila Viesca, has expertise. I gained confidence and inspiration.

Armin Hautea, Chief, TOO, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
I did have a lot of realization in terms of my behavior in dealing with other people and how to conduct myself in any situation. I like personality and communication lessons. Ms. Sheila is knowledgeable on the topics. The workshop’s transformative effects on me are the change in behavior, dressing, public speaking and leadership.


Gladys A. Quesea, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
Ms. Sheila can handle all the topics very well. She is versatile and I appreciate the fact that she can relate to the participants. I like the topics on public speaking, usage of prepositions, pronunciation, correct diction; protocol, and table manners. The Consultants are very efficient. Ms. Sheila is very prim and proper. She is a great influence and inspiration to us. After the workshop, I realized that I should be conscious of my letters, reports and composition, carefully considering the prepositions. I learned to eliminate redundant phrases and re-phrase the sentence to make it concise, sensible, and understandable.

Wenceslao Galeza Jr., SPVG TOO, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
I learned a lot of upscale engagement techniques in accordance with the protocol. The TalkShop Consultants are experts. I also learned how important it is to invest in myself and in authentic personal items to be credible and confident.

Dakila Gonzales, Head-OPMD India/Middle East, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM, TalkShop Foreign Service Training
I learned so much. I enjoyed the Art of Storytelling, Communication Frameworks, Crisis Management and Personality Profiling. Ms. Sheila Viesca is very competent. I’ve increased my self-confidence from this training and her mentoring.

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Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication, took up Bachelor of Arts in Literature, pursued Master's degrees in Entrepreneurship and Economics, and completed her Doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN


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