Foreign Service Competency Enhancement

January 8-14, 2018




Gina Velasco, Senior TOO, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

I am part of the Administrative Team heading the Accounting Units. I can work under time pressure especially during end of the month or end of the quarter where the funds would be lapsed and all creditors and suppliers must be paid. I am also a multi-tasker handling projects for the promotion of Calabarzon Region and also facilitate training for LGU’s and stakeholders.

I learned a lot. All topics were effectively explained. The program design is how to become an effective leader. Ms. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop facilitator is excellent in every topic she presents. I gained more self-confidence, especially in client engagement and public speaking.


Rolando Bautista, OIC, Gen. Services Division, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

I learned so much from TalkShop’s workshop. I like most all areas.

Ms. Sheila Viesca is very intellectual, very proficient in all the subject-matters and very professional. Knowing the world’s standards and cultures is the ultimate consideration in service excellence.


Thomas Santos, Sr., Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

TalkShop’s seminar is enlightening and knowledge-enriching as the Speaker has the ability to impart the topics very well, how to inculcate subjects easily in the heart and mind of the intended audience.

I like all the topics presented to us. Ms. Sheila Viesca is an excellent Speaker. The workshop taught us to become a better person in the office as well as at home.


Marlon Barrientos, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

I learned so much. The program is very comprehensive and the module is amazingly suitable for the participants.  Ms. Viesca is very convincing. The workshop enhanced my knowledge in every aspect of my relationships and work life.



Decius Esmedalla, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

This training is an eye-opener for us. This will help us a lot in achieving our daily tasks in the office with ease and confidence. I learned substantive learning both personal and career-wise. I like the value of excellent communication.

Grammar is very educational. All topics were important to capacitate participants to deliver what are expected from them.

TalkShop Consultant, Ms. Sheila Viesca, is very informative, down to earth, pleasant and passionate about their commitment; she is easy to deal with, open, knowledgeable and empowering. I gained self-confidence.


Marie Venus tan, RD, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

This is an enriching and humbling workshop. I learned more than expected. The design is factual and relevant, nicely-paced and engaging the team cooperation and participation.

Ms. Viesca is very knowledgeable. Humbling and effective is the transformative effect of the workshop.


Erwin Balane, Head, Route, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

TalkShop delivered a powerful lecture coupled with real life experience and compelling videos. I was able to recall my basic grammar lessons in High School. I learned so much about the power of public speakingand  how to organize my thoughts through a pattern.

The program design is excellent. TalkShop Consultants know their lessons very much. The workshop taught me to deliver the message in such a way that extensive preparation and organization of thought were done beforehand.


Maria Rica Bueno, Director IV, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

This is a highly-practical and insightful seminar delivered very professionally and in an amazingly fun way. Ms. Sheila is an engaging Speaker/Trainer. This is a very good refresher course in effective communication – it was enlightening to be reminded of common mistakes in the use of English words, phrases and the like.

The program design is very relevant and appropriate. Ms. Sheila is very professional, knowledgeable and perfect for this kind of training. Realizing my own mistakes with the use of words, especially in technical writing is the transformative effect.


Virgilio Maguigad, Regional Director, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

The DOT should conduct these types of training not only for those being groomed for Foreign Service but also in the operations of regional offices and rank employees.

The training was very substantial in terms of refreshing the participants on proper communications, grammar, and cultural sensitivity.

The part that I like most was the effective communication sections of the training. It is one that is timely, especially in the writing of memos, business letters, and in public speaking.

The Consultants are very engaging and effective in presenting ideas that may not be entirely new but are truly critical in communication and inter-personal relations. The workshop reminded me of the importance of effective and purposive communications.


Azucena Pallugna, STOO, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

This is a 5-rating workshop with TalkShop. This training inspired and motivated me to develop my skills in public speaking and technical writing. The program design is refreshing and reinvigorating. I love the sessions and exercises on effective communication skills, teamwork exercises and Ted talk.

Ms. Sheila is inspiring. I am empowered.


Catherine Rosal, SPVG. TOO, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

First of all, it’s a privilege to be one of the participants of Foreign Service Training. I love the way the training was conducted in a casual manner which made the participants feel comfortable with the speaking and easy to digest lectures. Also the workshop activities were enjoyable and unique. I’ve learned a lot that I can apply in my present job and in my personal life.

The training design is excellent with activities conducted to increase learning and retention. TalkShop Consultants have shown professionalism. They have good communication skills and they are experts in their own field.

Although I’m already exposed to public speaking, this workshop has given me more confidence.




Gina Marie Liberty Esmana, STOO, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

The TalkShop training experience was both enriching and exciting. All the participants were open and active in sharing their experiences and stories. The entire experience is very helpful therefore is strongly recommended.

I learned much about effective communication skills, public speaking, business letters, and cross-cultural considerations. The program design is appropriate for the target audience and is effective in giving communication skills guidelines.

Ms. Sheila and team are very effective in delivering her messages and in instilling the learning needed. I had a refresher course in a very exciting and enjoyable manner. It is learning made fun.


Marilou Silorio, CTOV, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to attend the TalkShop training. The refresher is indeed timely for me having undergone the effective communication training 20 years ago. I learned the new and correct way of using prepositions. The sharing of experiences deepened my respect for my co-participants.

The design enables participants to engage thinking skills while stimulating team cooperation. Ms. Sheila is a spontaneous, articulate, and lively Speaker, someone who can hold the attention of participants through a day’s discussion.

The experience, learning and insights from the Resource person and co-participants somehow changed my perspective in life.


Tweety Tuazon, Accountant III, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

I am enjoying TalkShop’s training. Everything is helpful and relevant. I have been enlightened in a lot of things such as grammar, technical and business writing and interpersonal relations. TalkShop also provides abundant resources and is innovative. We are learning, but at the same time enjoying. I didn’t get bored. Great job!

The topics were very interesting and relevant. It achieved the objectives of this learning.  I particularly like the technical writing topics since these are the things we least notice and take particular attention to. It’s good that we got the chance to refresh our grammar.

The TalkShop Consultants are very accommodating, intelligent and never boring. I became more confident especially in public speaking. Also, I was able to build new friendships with my colleagues.



Donald Balanhi, Sr. TOO, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

I learned a lot which are very helpful. TED Talk is a great material. I like the combination of participants, bosses, and rank and files.

Ms. Sheila is very knowledgeable and flexible. She has a good control of the participants. She’s eloquent and versatile.


Ramil Basuel,  Sr. STOO, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

It was really a much-needed refresher on communications. Most of the lessons are new to me. I like how it is really about practicing communications. It was challenging for me since I am not that confident about English speaking. I like how you can shorten phrases or use simple words.

Ms. Sheila Viesca is so nice and articulate. She can relate to all participants. I will give more effort in learning communications.


Dulce Amor Ledesma, STDO, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

I will recommend TalkShop to my colleagues and friends who are conducting training programs. TalkShop is an excellent partner of DOT in building the capacities of DOT personnel in communication and foreign service. TalkShop is highly recommended for its great work.

I learned a lot in terms of business and technical writing. The program design suited my needs. I like the videos and how to do speeches. I also like the exercises in grammar.

The TalkShop Consultants are very effective in teaching. TalkShop workshop was able to stimulate my interest in improving my oral and writing capabilities.


Elenita Pareja, Senior Operations Officer, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

I consider myself lucky to be included in this Foreign Service Training. I have to admit that being posted overseas is one of my goals before reaching retirement. This training program is one good program that the Department has implemented to professionalize and equip potential candidates with the required tools necessary for a foreign assignment.

It is a very timely attendance of this TalkShop workshop. Much has been learned on how to do public speaking as I prefer work in the background. It was also refreshing course in grammar. The design is complete and applicable to our daily exercise of communicating. I like every area discussed as it is very informative.

TalkShop Consultant is very much an authority on topics discussed and conduct of sessions is light but gets to enjoin everyone to participate. Now I felt more at ease standing in front of an audience.


Marissa Claustro, Foreign Service Training, Department of Tourism

The topics discussed in the workshop are interesting and enjoyable. Though the workshop is long, this is useful especially to people who write, speak in public, meet high-ranking officials and work as front liners. I rate my learning 5.

The program design is comprehensive. I love the grammar mostly the exercises in filling in the blanks. I also like the group competitions applying what we learned.

Ms. Sheila is smart, knowledgeable and concise. The workshop enriched my knowledge in communication. It enlightened me on the confusing words. Next time I write, I will be more cautious and careful.


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Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication, took up Bachelor of Arts in Literature, pursued Master's degrees in Entrepreneurship and Economics, and completed her Doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN


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