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TalkShop Supervisory Training,  13-14 November 2013 , Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC)


Department of Transportation and Communication employees undergoTalkShop’s Supervisory Training to develop their leadership skills.  TalkShop Consultants Robert Borjal and Martin Yu taught leadership concepts, corporate values, diplomatic communication, and methods of supervising and leading.   Participants rave about the meaningful supervisory workshop and rate their TalkShop experience excellent:


Lorna Antonio, DOTC-MRT 3


I learned a lot from the Supervisory Skills Training Program. I will give my best and become excellent. I have the knowledge to perform my duties if I become a supervisor. The TalkShop consultants, Martin and Robert, are smart and delivered the topics clearly. They are also friendly. I enjoyed this workshop. More power TalkShop!



Jean G. Apacible, DOTC-MRT 3


            After the 2-day supervisory training, I became more energized to apply what I learned to help my colleagues, family, and myself. This training helped me to achieve growth and experiences in work. I like the group activities because we communicated with each other and exchanged our ideas. I’m very thankful to the TalkShop consultants because I learned a lot from them and they discussed the lessons clearly. Even if I am not yet a supervisor, at least I have an idea on what to do.


Arnel B. Astete, Cashier III, DOTC-MRT 3


As a treasury supervisor for almost 13 years I have to deal with my subordinates in a positive manner. I will become an inspiring mentor and leader to my staff and inspire them by appreciating what they are doing. I will be open to their suggestions and opinions. I will listen to their problems and give positive solutions. TalkShop, the whole workshop was informative and practical.


Jose Angelo Barranda, Computer Programmer III, DOTC-MRT 3


I have gained self-confidence in this TalkShop workshop. The hands-on activities made the workshop easy to understand. As a computer programmer, it was great to be a part of this Supervisory Workshop. I gained more knowledge on how to deal with my co-workers. Decision is like making a program. The logic is: to produce  good output, you must have a good system.


Delano R. Baylosis, Clerk III, DOTC-MRT 3


            The workshop is informative and an eye-opener. I was taught what a supervisor is and my responsibilities. It taught me how to handle situations and people. The design is practical and useful. The lessons I liked are the 3-step compliment and communicating persuasively and politely. The TalkShop consultants are knowledgeable professionals. Thanks to them, I have found the value of my job and how to lead with experience.


Charlie J. Borema, Kaizen Security Agency Corporation


After this wonderfully relevant workshop from TalkShop, I learned a lot. I am excited to apply the learning with other employees and all customers. The TalkShop consultants are great. I would like to improve my English communication skills in the future and hopefully TalkShop would be the one to teach me.

Narry Cabales, Security Officer, Kaizen Security Agency Corporation


Before anything else, I am very thankful to TalkShop for conducting this workshop. I have learned a lot especially on handling people and making decisions as a supervisor. I will also share my knowledge to my subordinates. In the future I would like to know how to handle and manage people.



Rodolfo R. Caliboso, Jr., STDO, DOTC-MRT 3


I realized that supervisors are not the only go-betweens of managers and R&F Supervisors. They also serve as mentors and motivators. I promise to apply the learning to my work. I like the activities the well-versed TalkShop consultants prepared. I have become enlightened to serve better.



Eric R. Cecilio, Security Officer II, DOTC-MRT 3


The topics were discussed, explained and elaborated well. The workshop is very interesting and creative. All the participants had to chance to interact with one another. It is great to have this workshop because it builds character. I also became open minded in my approach towards the people I handle. TalkShop, starting on Monday, I will implement all the ideas I learned from and apply them to my daily routine.



Recess P. Cerbo, Security Officer, Kaizen Security Agency Corporation


I am thankful to be part of this TalkShop workshop even if it was my first time attending it. I learned a lot since the first day. I particularly liked the groupings because we got to interact with one another The TalkShop consultants are excellent that is why I like listening to them. Well done, TalkShop. Once again, thanks and God bless!



Alberto B. Dela Cruz, Engineer III, DOTC-MRT 3


I will do my best to practice what I have learned in this TalkShop workshop. It is good that there are games to better illustrate the ideas and concepts in the workshop. I will now listen more attentively to the sentiments and opinions of my subordinates. Then, I will convey it to my manager. To lead by example is something I will do. Any complaints can be endorsed to me because I am now committed to practice patience and understanding.



Jovison P. Dela Cruz, Security Guard, Kaizen Security Agency Corporation


I am contented in this workshop because my skills have improved. The design of the workshop meets everyone’s needs. We clearly understood the topics. The explanation on vision and mission topics is the one I liked most. I hope to improve my communication skills and public speaking with TalkShop.



Aida Deveraturan, CO IV, DOTC-MRT 3


All lessons that I have learned here will be my guide to supplement my supervisory skills and my personality. The topics on managing and handling people are the ones I am very interested in. The TalkShop consultants are experts. I want to influence my colleagues and friends by sharing what I have learned and because of the TalkShop consultants. Thank you for the inspiring training.



Joseph Vincent A. Esta, Security Officer III, DOTC-MRT 3


            For the first time, I did not fall asleep in a workshop. I am not sure if it was the coffee or the TalkShop consultants. Maybe, both!  They were great and they remind me of Radio DJs and passionate speakers. I learned so much because of them. Tips for communicating persuasively and politely are the topics I liked the most.



Serafin M. Fernandez, Jr. STDO, DOTC-MRT 3


The TalkShop workshop is great. I learned new techniques. I got informed on the core values in the family, that is applicable to work as well. The TalkShop consultants speak well, know what they teach, and explain in detail. I am positive I could do my duties systematically with patience and confidence when I apply the learning from this workshop.



Rommel T. Gadaza, STDO, DOTC-MRT 3


            I now have an idea how to handle situations easily and properly. I am happy because this workshop was very interesting. I thank Sir Robert and Sir Martin for conducting this workshop. God bless, TalkShop!



Ronaldo O. Gravador, Cashier II, DOTC-MRT 3


I will always remember all the topics I learned from this workshop. When I become a supervisor, I will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to become an efficient supervisor. I also want to be part of a customer service workshop someday. Thank you, TalkShop for this wonderful training.



Gina E. Hagonoy, Ticket Seller III, DOTC-MRT 3


I am grateful that the company asked TalkShop to conduct the workshop. The consultants are intelligent and motivational. I became confident and more effective in dealing with my co-workers. Also, thank you TalkShop, we’re looking forward to future workshops with you.



Maria Linda Jenniffer S. Juan, Ticket Seller III, DOTC-MRT 3


            After this workshop, I will become an excellent personnel. I will apply the topic on how to deal with difficult passengers and the LDT (Listen, Decision and Traits). I appreciated the topic on terminal and instrumental values as it gave us more knowledge on supervising. The TalkShop consultants inspire and motivate me. I know someday, thanks to TalkShop, I will become an excellent supervisor.



Rogelio B. Lampong, Security Guard, Kaizen Security Agency Corporation


Everything I learned, I will apply when I get back to work. I learned the approach on how to deal with passengers. I will become efficient in my work. To the TalkShop consultants, you are excellent and competent professionals. Thank you, Sirs!


Rellito M. Mabbayad, Property Custodian, DOTC-MRT 3

I will recall all I have learned from the past two days. Then I will apply them step-by-step in my work. TalkShop gave us a workshop that is unique and interesting. The lively and jolly TalkShop consultants are the right people for the workshop. I am positive in anything I do and I have self-confidence.



Rachel R. Macas, Ticket Seller III, DOTC-MRT 3


            I will use the knowledge I attained from this workshop in my work. The TalkShop consultants explained everything clearly and well. The supervisory workshop was good and I hope I could learn more.



Lylaine Majano, STDO, DOTC-MRT 3


The LDT, compliments, and body language topics are excellent, easy to understand and practical. The TalkShop consultants are lively, knowledge, and effective. I know that the topics from the Supervisory workshop will be a big help in my everyday transactions.



Elizabeth P. Metiam, Cashier III, DOTC-MRT 3


            When I become a supervisor, I will be a mentor and a friend to my subordinates. I will remember that it is important to communicate with my people by giving compliments. I will aim to have a harmonious relationship with my colleagues. Thank you TalkShop for giving us a workshop that is not boring and that gives us encouragement.



Marjorie G. Mijares, STDO, DOTC-MRT 3


I have learned a lot from TalkShop and I will impart the learning with all to my co-employees. I hope to become an excellent supervisor. The TalkShop workshop is lively and everybody participated in their own way. TalkShop team gives the best leadership training!



Gina A. Moreno, Nurse II, DOTC-MRT 3


The workshop was very interesting and refreshing. I gained new ideas from TalkShop. The consultants are knowledgeable, competent, and encouraging. This workshop brought out the best in us.



Jhoan M. Obog, Ticket Seller III, DOTC-MRT 3


The activities and the ideas in handling customers and being a supervisor or a leader are the ones I enjoyed listening to. I also enjoyed communicating with other people in the group. I learned how to understand my co-workers better. The TalkShop consultants are very good and professional. I want to learn more from other workshops so I could apply those with other people.



Ernesto M. Odulio, Security Officer I, DOTC-MRT 3


I want to recommend TalkShop’s supervisory training to all employees. I feel that all employees need to take this workshop. It gives us the confidence we need. I am more confident to speak in front. The TalkShop consultants are lively and they make us feel like we are supervisors. I will take to heart the lessons learned from this workshop.



Dennis O. Paredes, SO1, DOTC-MRT 3


The design of the workshop gave me an understanding of my job and I am satisfied with it. The TalkShop consultants are very good in discussing and explaining the topics. Through them, I learned a lot.



 Cyril A. Pastor, Ticket Seller III, DOTC-MRT 3


I am impressed and truly enjoyed this workshop. The workshop was excellent. The design of the workshop is good and the topics I like are deliberation of topics, exchange of ideas, and presentation of topics to collaborate it to the listener. The consultants are professional and share brilliant ideas. I like the TalkShop workshop because it encouraged us to create positive outcomes.



Franklin P. Rambayon, Ticket Seller III, DOTC-MRT 3


            The workshop was excellent. I liked the topic on terminal and instrumental values. I have a better understanding of how to handle complaints and queries for both staff and passengers. To the TalkShop consultants, I will not forget how well you delivered the workshop. You also gave me confidence and encourage me to excel.



Edwin H. Regino, Security Officer, Kaizen Security Agency Corporation


            I am very thankful to TalkShop and DOTC. We learned a lot on supervising and dealing with difficult situations. The TalkShop consultants are smart and excellent. They taught us how to become an effective supervisor in the future.



Alvin D. Requillo, STDO, DOTC-MRT 3


            I am satisfied with the training. All the group activities are enjoyable. The TalkShop consultants are good speakers, jolly and excellent. This training has made a big impact on my life. Hopefully, after a year, we would have another run of the Supervisory Training to refresh our minds.


Mario P. Rivera, Jr. Ticket Seller III, DOTC-MRT 3


            I enjoyed this workshop because I have learned lots of new techniques and pointers. The design of the workshop is also creative and efficient. The consultants are friendly. They explained concepts well and are easy to understand. I gained self-confidence in this workshop and a greater understanding of being a good supervisor. I want to improve my communication skills and hopefully I could be taught by TalkShop.



Roderick Rodriguez, Security Guard, DOTC-MRT 3

The TalkShop workshop transformed to become a confident person. It developed my skills on how to manage subordinates. I will apply this skill and all the others I learned everyday so that I make it a habit. I am thankful for undergoing this workshop to enhance my knowledge on supervising people.



Elvie G. Sabayle, Management and Audit Analyst, DOTC-MRT 3


            I liked the team performance topic the most. Also, it was good to know the qualities of a good supervisor and from that I gained new insights. I have also overcome my shyness. Thank you to the management of MRT for this opportunity to attend a workshop like this. Thanks for the two excellent TalkShop speakers.



 Jocelyn A. Sanchez, STDO, DOTC-MRT 3


            As a station supervisor, I have learned how to be more patient to my subordinates, co-workers and the passengers. I am more concentrated in my work. Of all the topics I learned from TalkShop, I like LDT the most. The tasks, exercises, and discussions are fun too, especially when the consultants gave out play money. I would like to write memos better and attend customer service workshops with TalkShop in the future.



Evelyn O. Sibayan, Management and Audit Analyst II, DOTC-MRT 3


Of all the trainings I attended, this is the one I enjoyed and participated in the most. The participants are cooperative because of the effort of the TalkShop consultants. They did well in their job. The TalkShop workshop is the liveliest I have attended.



Reynaldo Signo, Security Guard, Kaizen Security Agency Corporation


It was good to learn how to manage people. My life has improved after attending this TalkShop workshop. I hope to become a good leader someday – thanks to the TalkShop consultants. They are very detailed in their explanations of the topics and they are eloquent.



Ma. Gracia Sison, Ticket Seller III, DOTC-MRT 3


            The two day workshop with TalkShop has been well-spent. I was excited when it started and it was fun until the end. The topics in the workshop are updated and the TalkShop consultants taught easy to follow formulas and ideas which I could use. The workshop was also interactive. The topics that I enjoyed were giving compliments and answering assertively. TalkShop, this workshop is a life changer.



Carlos A. Tinsay, Security Officer, DOTC-MRT 3


            The exercises in the activity are the most effective because they were easy to understand. My eyes were opened to the knowledge in handling people. I will practice effective supervisory skills immediately.



Ariel A. Torculas, Security Guard, Kaizen Security Agency Corporation


            All the topics discussed were interesting. With that, I will surely apply everything I learned to our passengers and colleagues. The excellent TalkShop consultants taught us how to become an effective supervisor. That’s my take, TalkShop. Thank you.



Abel C. Trinidad, STDO, DOTC-MRT 3


The TalkShop design is very effective. The area I liked most was the body language topic wherein I learned the proper way of acting, standing, and walking. The TalkShop consultants are masterful of the topics. They are clear in explaining topics. All the topics are very helpful in developing my supervisory skills. I became a better supervisor after the TalkShop workshop.



Relan S. Viola, Security Guard, Kaizen Security Agency Corporation


            I liked the ideas that the TalkShop consultants shared in this workshop. I am grateful that they taught us how to manage people and subordinates in our work. I am happy, also, to have gained knowledge on how to become an effective supervisor. Thank you, TalkShop!



Salve C. Zamora, Budget Officer, DOTC-MRT 3


The Supervisory workshop can be a big help for the supervisors in managing their subordinates. The tips discussed by the TalkShop consultants motivate the subordinates who attended. I am very thankful for completing this designed training program. The TalkShop consultants gave us insightful lessons based on day to day activities that can guide us.

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