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65th Miss Universe Competition

Empowerment. Unity. World peace. These ideals have defined and preoccupied the human race for centuries. Through politics, revolutions, and various social struggles, we’ve built and torn down entire civilizations in pursuit of these ideals. And for every success, there has been failure. Yet, we continue down the same path with a stubborn sense of resilience, hoping to accomplish the seemingly impossible state of life. With the seriousness and depth of these issues, how absolutely ridiculous it is that competitions for inexplicably tall and beautiful women strutting their mile-long legs and pretty smiles stand for the exact same principles. Or is it?

65th Miss Universe Competition

Gone are the days when beauty pageants were just about physical beauty. In the past, a stigma could be connected to these contests that they were all about showcasing the mere looks and sexiness of participants. But now, beauty pageants have evolved into something very positive for society. The women who join now embody all the aforementioned ideals that societies and communities have been trying to attain for so long. These women are symbols of empowerment, voice of unity, and  ambassadors of world peace,. They support advocacies that aid the unfortunate, the misunderstood, and even the environment. Truth be told, some of these women are more successful in bringing about positive change than many political leaders and established organizations.

On the other side of the fence, fans of beauty pageants are affected in worthy ways as well. These competitions become a form of escapism for its fans, giving them reasons to smile, cheer, and support their favorite contestants. It is something aspirational for them, a standard to strive for. And through this aspiration, they end up becoming what the women who join symbolize. They, too, get empowered to become promoters of peace and unity.


Talkshop stands for these ideals as well, having trained many pageant winners, most recently Miss International 2016, Kylie Versoza. To quote TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca, “We believe in the individual’s transformative potential, so we find ways to help her discover the best version of herself. This self-knowledge and affirmation will empower her to foster the same positive change in others as the rightful beauty queens do. If you want world peace, be diplomatic towards others. If you want empowerment, empower others. If you want unity, collaborate with one another.”


Image Source: www.missuniverse.com , Google  Images

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