DOTC-MRT Testimonials: Business Writing for Engineers

Engineers and Officers of the Department of Transportation and Communications undergo 2 days of Business Writing with TalkShop. Check the participants’ testimonials as they rave about the learning and the inspiration to become even better in all their communication exposures:




Gina B. Anduyan

There may be many English schools in Manila but  TalkShop is the one that exceeds expectations. The TalkShop Consultant is excellent. I learned effective communication skills and everything I need to make better business letters and memorandums. TalkShop is the best English proficiency school in the Philippines!


Ofelia D. Astrera

            The WorkShop provided a review on the basics of grammar and advancement of writing skills. I like the design of the WorkShop. I congratulate and thank Ms. Cecile Matulac for sharing her knowledge. It was very helpful for us, TalkShop!


Graziela A. Santos

            TalkShop is a very effective training provider. The design of the WorkShop is simple, straight to the point, and very informative. I like the exercises very much. The TalkShop Consultant is approachable and knowledgeable on the subject matter. I became more aware of my grammar and improved my attitude towards writing. Thanks, TalkShop! I look forward to your Public Speaking classes.


Rita M. Caraan

            Attending the TalkShop WorkShop was a great experience. As a participant, it will guide us in our daily tasks.  TalkShop provides the best English Training in the Philippines. I remember the lessons I learned before and  my mind was refreshed. The learning will definitely be of great help in my life and career. Thank TalkShop!


Jose V. Tan Jr.

One’s communication skills, especially in the Philippines, have a great impact on his career path. My communication skills have definitely improved thanks to this WorkShop! TalkShop delivered a very interesting WorkShop and our Consultant is truly eloquent and knowledgeable. I have learned so much from this WorkShop, thank you, TalkShop!


Roda B. Espejo

            Through this WorkShop, I discovered that there are lots of things to be studied in technical writing. The WorkShop was organized and coherent and it helped that I learned a lot and know that I will apply the learning in the future.  Thank you for improving our English proficiency in such a short period!


Marissa P. Dela Cruz

The WorkShop I attended was not at all stressful.  TalkShop provided an English language training that is truly empowering. It was a fun WorkShop!  The design is also perfect.  The lessons are practical and will be used in every aspect of our life. Thank you, TalkShop I learned a lot!


Loida J. Marzo

            The design of the WorkShop is very good and lively. TalkShop’s approach to teaching and learning is through interaction and participation which is very commendable. Now I am updated on the techniques and application of Technical Writing after attending this WorkShop!


Lorenzo M. Gandia

            I like how TalkShop designed this Technical Writing WorkShop. It was done in such a way that participants can catch up and be updated on the latest writing styles, without being overwhelmed. The TalkShop Consultant is very knowledgeable, considerate and interesting. Thank you, TalkShop!


Jose Ric M. Inotorio

            The objective of the WorkShop has been met and it has been well-organized from beginning to end. The TalkShop Consultant is knowledgeable and excellent in the subject matter. I have improved my writing skill and look forward to attending public speaking classes with TalkShop.



James N. Peralta 

            The Advanced Technical Writing was conducted very well. I know how to  write reports now with better quality. I was so glad to be part of this WorkShop. The best English school in the Philippines, no doubt. Thanks TalkShop


Nestor V. Delos Santos Jr. 

            I learned a lot from the TalkShop.  The WorkShop was fun, enjoyable and informative. I wish it didn’t have to end.  TalkShop,  I look forward to more workshops that I can attend in the future.


Jose Rodante P. Sabayle

            My writing skill was improved in the WorkShop by TalkShop.  I learned a lot from the TalkShop Consultant, Ms. Cecile Matulac.


Eleanor G. Naidas 

All the modules from the WorkShop are important and essential to business writing. It was also good to know the proper usage of prepositions. We were taught the modern style of writing a technical letter and I am  TalkShop taught us that.


Remedios F. Mationg

            The workshop is excellent! The lessons learned will be of great help in my work. Thank you for the information and knowledge that you have imparted to us, TalkShop!


Melvyn V. Niño

            I really like all the topics discussed in this 2-day activity. I learned that we should write a letter that is direct to the point and concise.  TalkShop, my communication skills were enhanced.  Thank you for the inspiration!


Emmanuel G. Sta. Ana 

            The WorkShop on Advanced Technical Writing is highly recommended to all government and corporate employees.  It will definitely be a big help to all professionals. Thanks to this WorkShop, I am now equipped to communicate effectively. I am positive that I will use all learning in my professional life, TalkShop!


Emma F. Morales

            The two-day experience of learning with TalkShop is definitely beneficial. All the topics were helpful and needed for us to do our tasks properly. My writing style has improved, TalkShop. I’m happy that I was part of this WorkShop.


Alberto B. Dela Cruz


            This WorkShop gave me the opportunity to learn more about Business Writing. I learned more on the Do’s and Don’ts of Business Writing, as well as Memo Preparation. Great WorkShop,!  Thanks to the best English school in the Philippines!


Romella A. Vigilla

            I am grateful this TalkShop WorkShop was held. I learned a lot from it. The TalkShop Consultant was excellent. And because of her, I can make better memorandums. Keep up the good work! Thank you Ms. Cecile Matulac.   More power TalkShop Team!


Arturo L. Din Jr.

            I learned a lot from TalkShop. But the one that I like most are the tenses and the way they were presented by the TalkShop Consultant. She is very knowledgeable on the topic. It was a good WorkShop, TalkShop, thanks!


Arturo Q. Du Jr.

            Correct grammar is essential in effective communication. The WorkShop on Advanced Technical Writing improved my grammar and I am now an effective communicator. Thank you for this TalkShop!


Jimmy Q. Dableo

            The TalkShop WorkShop is interesting. We learned how to communicate well by using short, concise, but complete and easy to understand business letters. TalkShop made the WorkShop simple but significant.


Ma. Lourdes B. Salentes

            I learned how to make letters better. It was very easy to prepare a business letter and the TalkShop Consultant knows her craft. I know this training will be very useful in my line of work, TalkShop, thanks!


Misael R. Narca

            I like how this WorkShop was designed specifically for the Supervisors. I like how interactive this TalkShop made it. I learned how to make letters and memorandums well. Great job to the best English training provider in the Philippines!


Liza Y. Nicdao

            This WorkShop gave me the chance to improve on my skills in communication. With regard English language training, TalkShop is the best! I know the skills I learned will be applied in my personal and professional life. I like the design of the WorkShop, TalkShop!



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