DOTC-MRT Testimonials: Office Management for Secretaries and Clerks (Part 1/3)

The Administrative Personnel of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) are wowed and motivated by the TalkShop Team’s targeted and meaningful design and conduct of the Office Management training that aims to upgrade the competencies of the clerks and secretaries as they better understand the management cycle.

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TalkShop Office Management Training,  26-27 November 2013 , Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC)


Activities are focused on teaching assertiveness, projecting professionalism in all their dealings with internal and external customers, giving compliments, mastering time management, and streamlining work processes, beginning with effective documentation.

TalkShop, the training institute that empowers leaders truly leads the way in building personal and professional excellence among individuals and teams.  

WorkShop participants share their TalkShop experience: 


Ryan Abenion, Clerk IV, DOTC MRT-3 

The TalkShop workshop on Office Management is indeed a very rewarding experience. I learned significant topics which are indispensable to my work. Among them, just to highlight, are the protocol for executive assistants, the processes of drafting memos and correspondence, and the techniques for proper documentation. If given the chance, I will be attending other trainings by TalkShop, especially on basic grammar and corporate protocol.  TalkShop is the best management training institute.


Annaliza S. Agtuca, Clerk III, DOTC MRT-3

The TalkShop facilitators are really good because their ideas, experiences, and organizational skills made a difference in how quickly we improved our oral and written communication skills. TalkShop truly is the best English school in the Philippines. I learned how to answer a no with a yes. Then, the PNP (Positive-Negative-Positive), which is also called the Sandwich Effect. Another was the Looks, Decision and Trait method for giving compliments.


Eufrocina A. Ayson, Clerk IV, DOTC MRT-3

TalkShop gives the best training for personal and professional effectiveness. The need for basic documentation, difference between memos and letters and the four styles of communication which are: passive, passive-aggressive, assertive and aggressive are just some of the things I learned in this workshop.  I am requesting for another workshop from TalkShop to develop my grammar skills and compose better and more effective business letters.

Delano R. Baylosis, Clerk III, DOTC MRT-3

I greatly appreciate DOTC’s consideration for including me in this workshop. This will help my performance in work as a clerk. This training has equipped me with the knowledge and tools in my work. Thanks to the excellent TalkShop consultants, I learned how to compose effective memorandums, how to document properly and how to give compliments using the LDT formula.  For future workshops, I would like to learn public speaking and technical writing. I would also suggest a team building activity for the company to make the employees united. TalkShop is the #1 training facility that can provide the most effective workshops.


Evette M. Briones, Clerk III, DOTC MRT-3

I am so thankful for the chance to be a part of this training by the best teachers from TalkShop. I learned a lot from this workshop. I learned the two basic tasks of an Executive Assistant. I also learned Time Management. The formula to give an effective compliment is another.

Thank you so much and I look forward to participating in future trainings with TalkShop.


 Maricar C. Bucad, Clerk III, DOTC MRT-3

 Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in the TalkShop Seminar for Secretaries and Clerks. Thanks to TalkShop, the best management training institute in the Philippines.  TalkShop taught us that secretaries and clerks should have the initiative and assertiveness to be effective. We also learned time management tips that will be helpful to make my tasks efficient. We have gained knowledge in basic documentation and memo and business letter composition.


Rosario B. Cason, Clerk III, DOTC MRT-3

TalkShop helped me differentiate the traits of a passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive and assertive person. They also shared great pointers in writing memos and business letters. And they imparted their knowledge on the do’s and don’t’s in documentation.  I learned a lot from this seminar, I would like TalkShop to conduct another seminar like Effective Oral Communication and Technical Writing.


Joanna Mae Q. Cruz, Clerk III, DOTC MRT-3

As a secretary I learned a lot from TalkShop. I now have an idea of my real duties and responsibilities. Also, I know how to write memos and letters. Another valuable learning is being assertive with the use of the PNP, LDT, as well the method of saying no with a yes. TalkShop is excellent!


Robert C. David, Clerk III, DOTC MRT-3

I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend the 2-day workshop for MRT-3 office secretaries and clerks. Thanks to Sir Robert and Sir Martin, I now have an idea on how to tell a passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive, and assertive person apart. I will apply the method on how to say no with a yes. I can now compliment people using the LDT method. I hope TalkShop will run their workshops on technical and business writing for all our teams.


Micheryl C. De Juan, Clerk III, DOTC MRT-3

I am so thankful for the chance to attend this seminar by TalkShop, the best English school that also provides the best management training. I learned a lot of things regarding documentation and communication skills. I appreciate all the lessons in spoken and written skills, personality development and documentation.


Wenie I. Del Mundo, Clerk III, DOTC MRT-3

I thank DOTC management for the meaningful seminar just organized.  I learned a lot in this seminar with TalkShop.  My skills in time management have improved. My understanding on basic documentation has increased. And my knowledge of assertive, aggressive, passive-aggressive and passive people has expanded.  I’m looking forward to more meaningful workshops like this in the coming months.  TalkShop also gives great public speaking seminars.


Maricenia F. Donarber, Data Controller II, DOTC MRT-3

In this workshop by TalkShop, I have been taught how to prioritize. Also, I have come to know the differences of the traits of aggressive, assertive, passive and passive-aggressive people. And most importantly, with TalkShop, I learned to make better memos.


Arvin E. Doctore, Ticket Seller II, DOTC MRT-3

I am so thankful to management for selecting me as a participant in this workshop. I sincerely appreciate it because it is a great experience. All the TalkShop learning is applicable to my work, most especially on being an effective clerk and executive assistant. Including, becoming a better business communicator and documenting properly and consistently. I’m looking forward to a chance for another workshop with TalkShop, like technical writing and customer service

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