Leaders of Energizer Philippines Complete their TalkShop Program

Energizer Philippines' President and managing Director Todd Montgomerie congratulates his team on their inspiring speeches and commendable performance.

Energizer Philippines’ President and Managing Director Todd Montgomerie congratulates his team on their inspiring speeches and commendable performance.

Energizer Philippines’  managers and leaders share their TalkShop experience as they finish their 7-session program in Business Writing and Speech Eloquence. The workshop promoting communication excellence has been designed and conducted by TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca, together with her team.


The objective of the workshop is to improve the language competencies of the company’s top performers.  As their skills are fine-tuned through exposure to varied interactive lessons, the participants’ transformation went beyond proficiency – a proof that excellence in communication is achieved by giving value to many factors, grammar and syntax happen to be just a few of them.


TalkShop, the pioneer of Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop design and the only ISO-certified, Civil Service-accredited training institute, continues to create, develop, provide relevant programs and meaningful curricula that help individuals and companies become more empowered and profitable.


Ma. Lady Di L. Reyes, Jr. Trade Marketing Manager, Energizer Philippines


            After attending this workshop, I am more confident to step up and do more presentations to our regional counterparts. I have improved with regard writing and communication skills. I also like the module distributed to us. Furthermore, I am very overwhelmed with the patience and full support TalkShop has extended during our 7 sessions. Indeed, a memorable experience. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you and God bless you all! Until our next training— Sheila, Martin and Robert—gurus in communication! Thank you again so much.



Ronald Antonio M. Robles, Team Leader – Direct Accounts Supervisor, Energizer Philippines


            I would like to thank EPI Management and TalkShop for this excellent training. Although there were tough exercises, the workshop provided powerful tools and lessons that I can personally and professionally use. I have also gained self confidence in English. This was the first time in my career to participate in this kind of program. I will cherish every moment of it. Also, I wish to participate in a more comprehensive training wherein I can increase my self-esteem. TalkShop is the best training partner!


Maricel L. Alberto, Senior Business Analyst, Energizer Philippines


It’s a great pleasure to be included in TalkShop’s Business Writing and Speech Eloquence Workshop. I learned a lot especially in giving ideas extemporaneously and composing and writing essays effectively. The workshop was comprehensive and it definitely fit our needs. Ms. Sheila Viesca is very good that she gives points how to improve our communication skills. I am now more confident to use what I learned especially when I present financials to the team. TalkShop has made learning truly fun!



Willy J. Catindig, Manager – Group Account, SM, Energizer Philippines


Everything relevant and helpful to our work has been tackled in the training. There was no dull moment during the workshop. The workshop was well done and excellent. TalkShop is the best English school indeed!  I hope there will be a follow-through training in the near future. Thank you Ms. Sheila for the valuable lessons in communication.



Virgilio E. Diaz, Jr. Distributor Business Supervisor, Energizer Philippines


            The TalkShop workshop design is exceptional. The whole communication aspect from writing to public speaking, constructing letters and memos will never be the same again. Ms. Sheila Viesca explained everything and provided examples that matched our requirements. TalkShop has definitely improved my self-confidence especially in writing and speaking. I look forward to attend more seminars with the best training institute for personal effectiveness. Thank you, TalkShop!



Araceli N. Dumilon, Supervisor, Energizer Philippines


            The TalkShop workshop has been a refresher course for me. It brought back what we have learned from the past. I will use them in my everyday life. The TalkShop consultants are excellent, they know their subject and are an inspiration. Thanks to them, I learned that the most powerful tool I have is my mind. Also, the sessions have been a big help to us. We were able to practice our skills in thinking, processing ideas, and speaking effectively. I am looking forward to be part of another training and more advanced curriculum with TalkShop.



Allan Dexter S. Jarin, Direct Accounts Supervisor, Energizer Philippines


I had so much and I learned so much especially in delivering speeches properly. During the workshop proper, I also liked the sharing of ideas in group exercises. Ms. Sheila Viesca is definitely an expert. Thanks to her, I have become confident in my communication.



Romualdo C. Lansang, Team Leader – Direct Accounts North Luzon, Energizer Philippines


            I learned a lot from this training. I was able to understand better how to compose sentences with correct grammar and pronunciation. It is good that we started with the basic and slowly moved to the important parts of the English lesson. Ms. Sheila is very accommodating when she taught us. You will not feel embarrassed when you commit mistakes. I’m so happy to be part of this training. I will store all the lessons in my mind. I hope I could attend another training like this to improve my communication skills better. At TalkShop, all lessons are relevant.  Their entire team is exceptional.



Joseph M. Opeña, II, Special Project Leader – West GMA, Central Luzon, Energizer Philippines


            The design of the workshop is applicable to our daily work. I could apply all the learning and experiences. Also, the workshop helped us build our confidence level and it has improved my communication skills. Ms. Sheila is very precise. She helped us in our communication skills and proper pronunciations. Thank you, Ms. Sheila and TalkShop for this training. Your team is truly excellent. I hope more people will get to attend your life-changing workshops.



Alex M. Pambid, Direct Accounts Supervisor, Energizer Philippines


            I feel privileged that I was given the opportunity to be part of this workshop. It made me feel how much the company gives importance to its employees. During this workshop, I was particularly invested in topics pertaining to S-V agreement. I really learned a lot from the workshop. I learned how to be an effective communicator. The TalkShop consultants showed expertise. Ms. Sheila Viesca, along with her team, is very effective. TalkShop truly is the #1 training school in the Philippines.



Ronald M. Paulino, Special Project Leader – North Luzon, Energizer Philippines


The TalkShop workshop is a very healthy training for me especially in building my self-esteem and confidence. Through this workshop, I developed and improved my grammar and speech. My posture and gestures are also things I worked on.  I learned to develop the right skills and habits as I present my piece. The TalkShop consultants are very inspiring. I hope that I could be part of another advanced writing seminar with TalkShop.



Ma. Farina C. Sarmiento, Marketing Assistant, Energizer Philippines


            I learned a lot in this workshop. I discovered myself in this training. I like the informal set-up wherein we interacted as friends but learned the lessons at the same time. The TalkShop consultants are very knowledgeable in what they are teaching. Thanks to them, it transformed me in the way I view my relationships with co-workers, friends and family. And with that, I am very thankful that I was chosen to be part of this group because TalkShop has truly made the difference and inspired all of us to do the right thing.



Tyrine B. Silva, Trade Marketing Supervisor, Energizer Philippines


If I were to rate the workshop, I’d say Excellent. I hope all companies will invest in this kind of training that TalkShop provides. The workshop helped each of us with our self-esteem and confidence. Through this exposure, I have become more confident and motivated to contribute to the success of my company.. Thank you, EPI and TalkShop for the confidence and inspiration.



Alvin B. Trinidad, Merchandising Officer, Energizer Philippines


            Even with the limited schedule, I was able to learn many lessons. I like the presentation and speeches. My confidence has increased when I present. I would like to thank Ms. Sheila and the TalkShop team. They did a very good job.  TalkShop workshops are truly practical and life-changing.


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Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication, took up Bachelor of Arts in Literature, pursued Master's degrees in Entrepreneurship and Economics, and completed her Doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN


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