Energy Development Corporation Testimonials (Batch 4)

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Engineers and Officers of the Energy Development Corporation take the Communication Excellence WorkShop with Talkshop CEO Sheila Viesca.  Here’s what the participants have to say about their learning experience:

Micheal S. Adobas, TSG/LGBU, Energy Development Corporation


I really enjoyed the Communication Excellence Workshop for Engineers. I have learned so much from this experience and hope I’ll get the chance to join TalkShop’s workshops again. Thanks to TalkShop I now have the confidence to succeed. Thank you for the experience and learning. I’ll forever keep the memories in my heart. That’s my take.


Russell James O. Alamer, Technical Assistant, Energy Development Corporation


TalkShop improved my English speaking and writing skills. I’m really glad I got to join the workshop because now I can be even more professional at work when I send emails and talk to colleagues. I used to think workshops were boring but now I’ve opened myself to learning again.


Dante Lorico Alejeandro, EI Engineer, Energy Development Corporation


People often say that engineers are generally not good in English communication. After TalkShop, I can confidently say that I disagree. We are just used to working with numbers but given the time and proper training, we can be as good as the best writers. Thank you, TalkShop, for the wonderful experience. TalkShop is the best!


Ferdinand T. Bajao, Mechanical Supervisor, Energy Development Corporation


TalkShop gave me the opportunity to face my greatest fear: public speaking. I admit that speaking is not my strong point but thanks to TalkShop I have the confidence to speak in front of an audience. I’ll keep practicing what I learned and do my best to become a better public speaker. More power to TalkShop, the best training provider in the Philippines.


Juvy P. Belangel, Admin Assistant, Energy Development Corporation


These past few days have been truly amazing. I am so lucky to be given the chance to participate in the Communication Excellence Workshop. The sessions are very lively and interesting. I highly recommend that all Energy Development Corporation employees attend the TalkShop workshop. I guarantee it will be an experience they’ll never forget. TalkShop is the best there is!


Marvin B. Bruno, P.E., Energy Development Corporation


I learned a lot on how to write memos and compose formal business letters. The consultant is amazing and she really knows how to get the crowd’s attention. I hope I’ll have the chance to attend TalkShop’s workshops again in the near future. TalkShop provides the best English communication workshops in the Philippines.


Ricky M. Bustillo, Whse. Asst., Energy Development Corporation


The knowledge I got from TalkShop will be a great help to all of us engineers. We are very much challenged especially when it comes to communication tasks such constructing business letters and memos. Now, because of TalkShop I am confident in overcoming any communication challenge. Whether it be speaking or writing, thanks to TalkShop I can do anything.


Grace B. Caliwara, Strat Analyst, Energy Development Corporation


The speaker is excellent! She is so eloquent and great at teaching. She knows how to teach and keep us interested at the same time. I rarely enjoy workshops but TalkShop’s workshops are not only fun but also educational. Everyone from my company says they’ve learned a lot from TalkShop.


Jo-Ann Ritch B.Camba, Geochemist, Energy Development Corporation


TalkShop has given me hope again. I used to believe that it’s normal for an engineer to be bad at writing but now I know that I can write and speak just as good as an English major. I will continue my journey towards communication excellence by writing a journal and practicing my English skills. Thanks you TalkShop for making me dream again, you’re the best!


Jose C. Cartoneros, S/S, Energy Development Corporation


Since I graduated, this is the first time I’ve been able to write more than two pages. I’ve never been good at writing but, surprisingly, thanks to TalkShop I made it! I’m glad I got to join TalkShop’s workshop. Their workshops are much better than the rest.


Phillip P. Comano II, Tech. Engineer, Energy Development Corporation


TalkShop is great! Their workshops are well-managed and the topics are presented in a very comprehensive manner. Sheila managed to teach us the essentials of effective communication and I learned A LOT. I think I’ve learned more in TalkShop’s workshop than I ever did in college. I’m so happy I got to join.


Ariel M. Condez, Prod. Engineer, Energy Development Corporation


TalkShop’s training brings in the full package for learning excellent communication techniques. I give their workshopsthe full 5-stars.TalkShop’s programs aren’t just good, they’re top class and on a whole different level from the other training providers.


Alberto D. Drama, EI, Energy Development Corporation


TalkShop’s workshop didn’t just change me; it made me a better person. My grammar skills, formal compositions, business letters, and memos are ten times better than before thanks to TalkShop. I highly recommend their programs. They don’t just train people, they change lives.


Tomas G. Falcon, Jr., PO Engineer, Energy Development Corporation


The workshop has given me the opportunity to relearn the proper way to write business correspondences and speak professionally. The knowledge the consultant shared with us wasn’t just about English but also about life lessons. I especially enjoyed the “Best Lesson I Have Learned in Life” speech activity. Thanks to TalkShop I learned in 3 days what would have normally taken me 3 years to learn.



Robert Marcellin T. Gajo, Supervisor, Energy Development Corporation


I love the stream of consciousness writing activity. It literally it makes you think. I used to believe in writer’s block but now I know it’s just a myth. I learned from TalkShop that so long as I’m thinking, there’s a message just waiting to be written down. Great job, TalkShop!


Arnel D. Gamao, Jr., Safety Officer, Energy Development Corporation


I used to think engineers just aren’t meant to be good at speaking or writing but TalkShop made me want to be an effective communicator. The consultant is inspirational and passionate. Because of her I know I can be a great writer and powerful speaker. Without a question TalkShop gives the best communication programs.


Mauricio C. Gonzalgo, Shift Supervisor, Energy Development Corporation


I’m very thankful for your guidance. My communication has improved and I’m motivated to be an excellent writer now. I want to keep getting better at writing and speaking. I’m definitely going to join TalkShop’s next workshop!


Luis E. Gonzales, Senior Supervisor, Energy Development Corporation


TalkShop is the best communication training provider! They helped me improve my speaking and writing skills and inspired me to be the best writer I can be. I love writing now thanks to TalkShop. I know they’re the best at what they do.


Sheila Marie B. Gumapoc, Gen. Clerk, Energy Development Corporation


Talk shop has taught me a lot. From constructing simple sentences to drafting speeches which I thought I couldn’t do. I hope more people can experience the TalkShop workshop. Thank you Ms. Sheila and Talk shop!


Rolando C. Hernandez, S/S, Energy Development Corporation


I learned a lot from this workshop. It helped me boost my confidence especially when talking in front of an audience. I used to pray I’d never be called to speak in front but now I’m excited to share my ideas with everyone. I am also a lot more confident with my grammar and know I am an excellent communicator.


Jaymodin P. Isla, Energy Development Corporation


Thank you very much for teaching me the most important lessons in life. Our day to day activities such as speaking, writing, and emailing are so much easier now thanks to TalkShop. I can’t imagine what life would be like if I never got to participate in this workshop.


Christian C. Molina, WTM Engineer, Energy Development Corporation


I learned a lot from the effective communication training. I was able to improve my writing and presentation skills thanks to the wonderful consultant. She knows how to keep the lessons interesting and make it easier for me to understand the topics. I hope I get the chance to join TalkShop’s workshops again. They’re the best!


Jo-Anne A. Navarro, PCFM Engineer, Energy Development Corporation


The workshop helped me do my work a lot faster especially when it comes to writing and presenting. I’m proud of my new and improved communication skills. In return, I will continue to strive to perfect my communication skills and become a better engineer.


Jackie Lou S. Olegario, Buyer, Energy Development Corporation


I learned a lot in the workshop and am so happy that my grammar and writing skills have improved. Thank you so much Ms. Sheila for helping me conquer my fear of public speaking. TalkShop redefined my meaning of communication excellence. I’m sure it will redefine yours.


Phebby Ann R. Pasturan, Process Engineer, Energy Development Corporation


I am grateful for the opportunity to hone my skills in communication, both in writing and speaking. The training provided an avenue for me and my colleagues to develop our innate skill in communication. I pledge to continue learning and make this a habit to help myself transform into someone better.


Roel L. Peconada, F.E. Energy Development Corporation

I didn’t know what to expect from the Communication Excellence Workshop for Engineers but now I have learned to overcome my fear of public speaking and presentation. I can’t wait to join the next workshops. Thank you, TalkShop, for changing my life!


Ma.Eleonor Y. Salvacion, Training Coordinator, Energy Development Corporation

When I heard that l will be attending and facilitating a communication workshop, I was so excited. And now, I must say that TalkShop’s workshop did not just meet my expectations it surpassed them.

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Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication, took up Bachelor of Arts in Literature, pursued Master's degrees in Entrepreneurship and Economics, and completed her Doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN


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