GSIS Testimonials : Customer Service WorkShop for Frontliners as Brand Ambassadors

GSIS Brand Ambassadors take the Customer Service Workshop with TalkShop on September 24, 2013 and attest to the relevance and effectiveness of the learning experience.


Antonio Kiwas


            I gained a lot of insights and tips on the TalkShop Customer Service/Values Orientation WorkShop. I have learned how to deal with negative situations. I am glad that I learned a lot from the consultants!


Marylyn J. Villavicencio


This Workshop is definitely interesting and enjoyable! I will make sure to look presentable and always be positive whenever I deal with people in the workplace. Thank you, GSIS and TalkShop for conducting a very fun workshop!


Marilyn Suner


The Workshop helped me boost my confidence. I am now an effective front-liner. The TalkShop consultants an GSIS teams are very approachable and great speakers!


Josephine S. Gob


            TalkShop taught me how to be an effective front-liner. I will remember all the lessons I learned and apply the experiences I gained! I am grateful to have attended this workshop!


Ma. Cynthia Z. Paguinto


            I will build my confidence as I practice and apply it in the workplace. Thank you, TalkShop, I am more confident than ever!


Emma Pioquinto


            The TalkShop consultants are great speakers. They are very witty. And because they made the Workshop not only enjoyable but also informative, I learned a lot of insights from them.


Christina S. Agbayani


            I am glad that I attended this WorkShop. It will be very helpful and useful in my daily routines as a front-liner. I learned how to deal with clients and with unfavorable situations. TalkShop helped us believe that we are excellent front-liners.



Ana Donna T. Almendras


            TalkShop taught us how to be more confident. The Workshop conducted by Ms. Sheila Viesca and Mr. Robert Borjal is appropriate for front-liners like us. It was fun and meaningful.


Jeanette Y. Redison


            TalkShop helped me build my confidence during the Customer Service Workshop. I must be a good and effective front-liner. Also, I have to walk gracefully with my pride and dignity as I do my job.


Fatima E. Aguaras


            I am now more confident after attending this Workshop. Thanks to TalkShop, now I am aware of my posture and walking. Great job, TalkShop!


Romana A. Lacaba


            The Workshop that was conducted was a lot more than I expected. I thought it was very well executed. And the TalkShop consultants are excellent speakers!


Janine D. Barte


            Ms. Sheila Viesca is definitely the perfect person to conduct the Workshop. It was informative. I learned how to be confident. Also, I will project the excellence in me. Thank you, TalkShop for this wonderful WorkShop.


Rodrigo B. Cajipe


            I was inspired from the WorkShop. After attending the TalkShop WorkShop, I learned how to deal with ourselves and the stakeholders. And because of this, I will become an excellent front-liner, inside or outside GSIS.


Oliva A. Uday


            I gained insights on dealing with other people. And improving my posture and believing in myself. Thanks to TalkShop and the GSIS team, I have learned to love my job and improve my personality.


Mylah Jane L. Plaza


            I learned a lot from this Workshop thanks to the knowledge and excellent TalkShop consultants. I know I will become a better front-liner in the future.


Jude Raymond Lim


            This WorkShop helped instill the value, purpose and meaning of Customer Service. The speakers were well prepared and very professional as they taught us. That was such an excellent WorkShop, TalkShop!


Vidal E. Lancin


            I will take into heart everything I learned in this Workshop. I am now confident. I can also become an excellent front-liner. TalkShop is really the best at what they do!


Michelle E. Reyes


            I have learned a lot of insights from this Workshop, many thanks to the TalkShop consultants. I will now become a better GSIS brand ambassador. Well done, TalkShop!


Gail Marie M. Bravo


            The Workshop helped me become a better front-liner. The TalkShop consultants taught us to smile even during bad situations. I am now conscious of my appearance and it will help me feel good while I do my work. Thank you, TalkShop!


Maria Dolores Tuason


            Kudos to the TalkShop consultants who conducted the Customer Service WorkShop! They were professional and very good at what they do. I like the way they teach and evaluate us during the Workshop. Keep up the good work, TalkShop!


Grace T. Lim


            I became an excellent front-liner thanks to TalkShop. I was taught how to deal with members of GSIS in a positive way and also be precise and straight to the point whenever I talk with them. I, along with the fellow participants, recited, “I am an excellent front-liner.” And that will be my mantra from now on.


Cristita C. Jovellano


            I wish the Workshop had been longer; we learned a lot and I hope to learn more in the future. Thank you, TalkShop team nd GSIS Management for conducting such an excellent training!


Jenny R. Marifosque


            I am now equipped with the knowledge on how to be an excellent front-liner, to have integrity and confidence. The Workshop was inspiring. I am empowered to become an effective front-liner, thanks to TalkShop!



Jennifer L. Lopez


            TalkShop developed my self-confidence. But I won’t forget how to be humble as I deal with members of GSIS. I learned the right attitude in dealing with members and also handling difficult situations. I am grateful for this Workshop!


Virginia S. Gonzales


            I will surely apply what I learned from the Workshop. The TalkShop consultants taught me how to excel, to improve myself and be of great service to members and claimants. You did an excellent job, TalkShop team!


Henry O. Diocera


            Good thing that there are Workshops like this being conducted. The GSIS front-liners definitely needed this Workshop. The Workshop suited the needs of the front-liners. TalkShop did a wonderful job!


Roseliza B. Cuyos


            I have learned how to carry myself and become a better employee in GSIS. The consultants are well-rounded and the best in their field! I have now become more confident and equipped – thanks to TalkShop!


Posted by TalkShop
Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication finished her bachelor degree in Literature, masters in Entrepreneurship, and doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Google+


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