GSIS Testimonials: Exceptional Customer Service (Batch 1)



GSIS Frontliners train to become better Brand Ambassadors in TalkShop’s Exceptional Customer Service Training.  TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca and Leadership Coach Claude  Sta. Clara train the participants in everyday etiquette, handling irate clients,  assertiveness issues, personality development,  professionalism and credibility.  TalkShop team leads the way in helping companies level up the customer service skills of their teams through programs that are aligned with the corporate values that empower and inspire. 


Miriam Gladys M. Abonitalla, SO I, GSIS

            Attending the Exceptional Customer Service WorkShop is a great learning experience. It was truly excellent and exceptional. Thank you, TalkShop for guiding me and changing my attitude towards work, my family and myself.


Mariel C. Aclan, SO III, GSIS

            I am a better person now. I can handle every situation, both in work and my family, with a sense of maturity. I am grateful that I attended this WorkShop by  TalkShop. It is very applicable to my work.


Emily Sofia O. Arteche, ESA, GSIS

The WorkShop was properly executed. It made me appreciate the good deeds I do in serving our clients in the office. The TalkShop consultants are excellent in aspects of empowerment, coaching, and leadership.


Resssurrecion P. Bañez, ESA, GSIS

I have learned how to stay positive even in the most stressful moments. I am glad we were taught how to manage stress. The TalkShop WorkShop will serve as a constant reminder that there will always be room for improvement in everything we do in serving others.


Jeffrey V. Cabrera, SO I, GSIS

            I am now a capable and excellent service provider to our stakeholders. I have become a better person even if I have to deal with different customers. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, TalkShop! Ms. Sheila Viesca and her team rock!


Edita T. Clores, SO II, GSIS

I really liked the discussions during the WorkShop— they guided me in my work at the office. The WorkShop is truly exceptional and excellent. TalkShop team, you too are as excellent and exceptional thank you so much for this opportunity.


Danilo R. Dela Cruz, SO I, GSIS

            This is one of the best WorkShops I have attended so far as it renewed my confidence as a government employee. I learned how to give importance to the way I speak, how I walk and project myself. Thank you very much, TalkShop!


Marites A. Ebora, SO I, GSIS

I have become open to changes after attending this WorkShop. I also learned how to communicate well with others. The topics that were discussed are all relevant and helpful. I am grateful to you, TalkShop!


Lida C. Gonzalez, SO I, GSIS

            The Exceptional Customer Service WorkShop made me handle clients and the people around me in a professional manner.  And through that I have improved and become a better person. TalkShop team, you are awesome!


Romelyn J. Grospe, SO I, GSIS

I had a fun time during the WorkShop. I am happy and thankful to be part of the exceptional customer service training. Thank you, TalkShop; and God bless!


Alexander John T. Mercado, SO I, GSIS

I have learned a lot from TalkShop. There is always room for improvement and learning new things in every step that we choose in life. I have also learned new ideas that would make life much easier.


Gorgonio D. Molar, SO I, GSIS

            TalkShop gave us an enriching and inspiring workshop! I became more confident, more assertive and more tolerant to myself and to others. You are exceptional, TalkShop team!


Jorge O. Mondilla, SO III, GSIS

            Through this WorkShop, I became a more polished GSIS employee. The TalkShop team is cool and excellent! It’s great to be part of this WorkShop, TalkShop!


Jasper James Naranjo, SO I, GSIS

            I have become positive after attending this WorkShop by TalkShop.  I learned a lot from the TalkShop team and everything they taught us are useful in everyday situations. The WorkShop was great and it should be taken not only by frontline employees but by everyone in government service.

Mavreen E. Nomerado, SO I, GSIS

I now know how to handle the stakeholders more effectively. I have become confident and an exceptional customer service officer. I am very thankful for this WorkShop, TalkShop!


Yvette Marie M. Panaguiton, SO III, GSIS 

I did not just learn the concepts in Exceptional Customer Service, I also gained insights on how to improve myself not just a professional but as an individual. In the end, customer service is within ourselves. TalkShop gave us a guide on how to be consistent in delivering exceptional customer service.


Medina M. Patoy, SA, GSIS

The WorkShop lived up to its name: Exceptional. I have become a better person and I am more knowledgeable on customer relations. You are excellent and exceptional, TalkShop team!


Portia Ann P. Peñalver, SO I, GSIS

            The WorkShop was a definitely a stress-reliever—all the activities that we did were amazing and therapeutic. I learned a lot of things which could empower me and made me a better individual. I am now an exceptional GSIS member’s assistance officer because of this training! Thank you, TalkShop!


Eireen R. Piñol, SO I, GSIS

TalkShop helped me develop and discover my strengths and abilities. I know my attitude towards people have improved and I have become an exceptional employee in the office. Thank you, TalkShop you are excellent!


Maryann D. Quizon, SA, GSIS 

            I will do my best to overcome my fear of handling any situation or problem in our office and our home. I am exceptional because I am unique. I’m very thankful that I am one of the participants in this TalkShop workshop!


Arlene Reonal, SO I, GSIS

I learned how to open up to others. I have also accepted the fact that I should apply make-up at work not only to look good but to look more classy and professional. You are an  inspiration to us, Ms. Sheila and the TalkShop team!


Grace G. Sta. Romana, SO I, GSIS

            I find the WorkShop very useful, timing and relevant. I learned so much from this training I know I’ll apply all the learning in my daily life. The TalkShop WorkShop has given me a positive mindset.


Myra V. Vasquez, SO I, GSIS

I believe that everything that I learned will be very useful and helpful in my line of work. The knowledge that the TalkShop consultants shared to us will be applied. I can now face whatever situations I will encounter.


Maria Theresa D. Vega, SO I, GSIS

I learned how to be more effective in doing my job after attending this WorkShop. I have become more positive in my outlook in life, as well as learned to love and respect myself first so I may give exceptional service to all.  TalkShop team, you are wonderful, helpful and informative.

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Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication finished her bachelor degree in Literature, masters in Entrepreneurship, and doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Google+


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