GSIS Testimonials: Exceptional Customer Service (Batch 2)

GSIS Batch 2 Testimonials


Have you ever wondered how exceptional customer service happens?  What to wear, how to walk, how to be positive, how to continue learning, how to serve, how to be more compassionate, how to be the best you. These concerns are all answered in one wokshop as GSIS Frontliners train to become better Brand Ambassadors in TalkShop’s Exceptional Customer Service Training.  TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca and Leadership Coach Claude  Sta. Clara train the participants in everyday etiquette, handling irate clients,  assertiveness issues, personality development,  professionalism and credibility.  TalkShop team leads the way in helping companies level up the customer service skills of their teams through programs that are aligned with the corporate values that empower and inspire. 


Ana Donna Almendras, SO III, GSIS

The WorkShop was timely and appropriate. I gained self confidence on how to deal with clients also in public speaking. Through this Workshop, I know I will become an exceptional frontliner in my branch. Thanks TalkShop.

Kirhylle Q. Aliman, SA, GSIS

            The Exceptional Customer Service WorkShop not only helped us deal with clients but alo made us realize our potentials and  and best self. All the topics that were discussed were definitely practical and applicable to my job. Thank you, TalkShop, for the information, ideas and insights that were shared with us.

Maria Lourdes B. Culima, SO II, GSIS

            I am very satisfied with all the topics we discussed in the WorkShop. It was very informative and I am now a more effective employee of the company. I would like to thank TalkShop and the GSIS Management for this wonderful opportunity.

Janine D. Barte, SO II, GSIS

It is now much easier to voice out my thoughts in public to my colleagues as well as know how to communicate and deal with clients. I particularly liked the topic on handling stressful situations, and now that I learned the techniques, I will apply them in my work. Thank you for this opportunity and also for giving me a more positive attitude in life, TalkShop!

Ma. Teresa R. Cojuangco, SO III, GSIS

I developed self-confidence in this WorkShop. The WorkShop gave me a good experience as it was very enriching and inspiring. I am looking forward to more training sessions with TalkShop! Thank you so much for this very informative training.

Rowena C. De Vera, SO I, GSIS

The topic I liked most was the Sandwich Effect. The TalkShop Consultants are nice, friendly and articulate. I became more appreciative of people thanks to this WorkShop.

Margaux Enojas, SA, GSIS

            The WorkShop is helpful in pointing out my faults and how to correct them and apply the experiences at work. I know now how to deal with clients in an acceptable manner and that there are better ways to solve a problem. Overall, the TalkShop WorkShop is great! Thank you!

Evangeline R. Dizon, SO I, GSIS

I learned more on how to give better service to our clients and members. This WorkShop opened my eyes to new knowledge and to myself. I am excited to use and apply the learning at work. Thanks for the WorkShop, TalkShop!

Josefino B. De Guzman, SA, GSIS

The WorkShop is well executed and well done. From now on, I will be aim to be an exceptional frontliner. Very good WorkShop, TalkShop!

Jose De Hitta, Jr., SO II, GSIS

            The WorkShop boosted my ego and confidence. It definitely was a good training because we shared our experiences and through that we were able to learn from each others’ mistakes and apply the learning in our work. The TalkShop experience was rejuvenating and will help us be more productive and efficient. I have become a positive person and an understanding member, thank you, TalkShop.

Ronald B. Hollanes, SO I, GSIS

The WorkShop is very helpful as it gave me an idea of my shortcomings as a frontliner and how I should deal with people and what I need to execute in the workplace. I have to lend my best service to our clients and in order for me to do that, I have to be exceptional. Thank you, TalkShop!

Anna Lissa B. Jorimle, SO I, GSIS

Through this WorkShop, I have learned to consider other people’s feelings, to be more patient and be efficient in my work. I got a grasp of how to think differently in situations. I am grateful to the TalkShop consultants for everything!

Antonio M. Kiwas, SA, GSIS

The WorkShop has given me a lot of good experience to become a more learned frontliner. I learned more tips on how to deal with situations relative to a frontliner. The topics are easy to understand and I am glad this WorkShop has been conducted. Keep up the good work, TalkShop!

Melanie I. Lancin, SO I, GSIS

I am never going to be shy in front of other people again and will be a model example of a frontliner in our branch. I enjoyed the WorkShop very much. I am grateful to be part of this wonderful TalkShop training!

Amelia C. Lajara, SO I, GSIS

I have learned to give excellent service to our clients and members. I will now develop a more positive attitude in life. I am an excellent frontliner, and I know it. Thank you, TalkShop!

Grace T. Lim, SO I, GSIS 

            I have learned so many from TalkShop like how to be a good listener, become positive and handling clients. I am grateful to have a more positive attitude in life. It was a fun and excellent WorkShop, TalkShop, it was a very enjoyable experience.

Jude Raymond Lim, SO I, GSIS

The WorkShop is great. And the TalkShop Consultants are well-prepared and exceptional. Thumbs up, TalkShop!

Gladys T. Manalo, SO II, GSIS

             This is my first time attending this kind of WorkShop and I do feel exceptional at the end. I believe from now I can give our clients excellent service in a professional way and give them great customer satisfaction. TalkShop is the best training institute!

Nestor O. Quijano, SA, GSIS

Through the WorkShop, I now believe in myself. The WorkShop is exceptionally excellent! Until the next WorkShop, TalkShop!

Lualhati M. Racelis, SO III, GSIS

            TalkShop has relieved my stress and my negative energy. I have gained new knowledge on Customer Service. I am also no longer afraid to speak in front of the audience. TalkShop, you are exceptional and remarkable.

Urikka Jeane C. Santos, SO III, GSIS

            I learned so much from the WorkShop. I learned all about dealing with dfficulty and handling clients especially when the situation is new or when it is an unfavorable situation. After this TalkShop WorkShop, I have become a confident person and also an exceptional GSIS Brand Ambassador.

Maria Dolores Tuason, SO III (OIC), GSIS

My self confidence has been given a boost and I can truly say I have a better personality because of it. The Exceptional Customer Service WorkShop was spot on in helping us deal with customers. The WorkShop is exceptional and TalkShop Consultanare very professional.

Marylyn J. Villavicencio, SO I, GSIS

            The best thing about this WorkShop is that it made me participative and reflect on myself and on the things I do at work. The TalkShop WorkShop lived up to its name as it is exceptional. Great job, TalkShop team!

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Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication finished her bachelor degree in Literature, masters in Entrepreneurship, and doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Google+


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