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TalkShop Exceptional Customer Service Training ,  7-8 November 2013, Brand Ambassadors, Government System Insurance System, GHotel Waterfront, Manila City

At TalkShop, EXCEPTIONAL IS NORMAL.  No other training institute can combine manners, etiquette, image, professionalism, and integrity the way TalkShop does.  The Government System Insurance System (GSIS) has partnered with TalkShop for two consecutive years now to run its series of Exceptional Customer Training for its Brand Ambassadors (Frontliners).


GSIS’ thrust in raising the quality of service continues as it secures the service of TalkShop through its CEO Ms. Sheila Viesca who together with her team and leadership coach Claude Sta. Clara comes up again and again with a comprehensive and targeted training that brings out the confidence, motivation, and excellence in the participants.


Here is what the participants say about their TalkShop experience:



Gina A. Amancio, SO I, GSIS


            I was lucky to be one of the participants and I promise that I will apply all the learning. The workshop with TalkShop was truly more than what I expected. During the workshop, it was easy to relate and connect with other people and I gained more confidence. The TalkShop consultants are knowledge in their fields.



Reginald Q. Avelino, SO II, GSIS


TalkShop is excellent. I discovered myself through this Exceptional Customer Service training and I will do my very best to develop what I have learned in this and practice it in my daily life. Thank you, TalkShop!



Paolo M. Cailo, SA, GSIS


I enjoyed all the lessons discussed in this workshop. I enjoyed all the areas that were tackled. Ms. Sheila Viesca and Sir Clause are very professional, presentable, entertaining and informative. Through this workshop, I realized what I can do to give and share to others.



Michelle M. Cerezo, SO I, GSIS


I have learned so much in this workshop. Everything in it was excellent, inspiring, and exceptional, TalkShop. Thank you!



Roseliza B. Cuyos, SO I, GSIS


I am very thankful for this great challenge and opportunity. I know that I am exceptional. TalkShop truly exceeds expectations. The TalkShop consultants are well-rounded. I learned that we are the starting point of change.



Mirasol G. Diaz, SO I, GSIS


I had a wonderful and enjoyable time in this workshop with TalkShop. I want to attend more workshops from you, Ms. Sheila, most especially Personality Development. More power to the TalkShop team.



Daniel Perpetuo Sulog G. Gelvezon, SA, GSIS


All the topics were helpful. I have learned much from the training. The TalkShop consultants are indeed exceptional. They have helped me become a better person.



Imelda Grace Z. Holganza, SO III, GSIS


            The training gave me a much needed overview on how to effectively communicate and how to be exceptional. I liked the sharing part of the training. It gave us a better understanding of ourselves and others. The TalkShop Consultants are exceptional and came prepared.


Romana A. Lacaba, SO III, GSIS


            In this training, I have strengthened my values and reacquisition of communication skills. I reaffirmed my basic skills in communication.  TalkShop has enhanced it to help me excel in my work. The TalkShop consultants have what it takes to dominate and truly inspire in this field.


Genevieve T. Martinez, SO I, GSIS


I am lucky to be part of this workshop. I came to realize the value of other people and to be patient at all times, through this workshop. Thanks to you, my shyness has lessened. More power TalkShop!



Rico D. Palmes, SO I, GSIS


I realized that my attitude changed in a good way after the workshop. The TalkShop consultants are knowledgeable. The workshop is excellent, TalkShop!



Mariben C. Pante, SA, GSIS


            The TalkShop Consultants are people that we could certainly look up to and we will follow what they have told us. I was moved by the reflection we had. The workshop was not stressful and it was very motivational too. I have learned more of myself in this workshop.  Ms. Sheila Viesca is exceptional.



Emma F. Pioquinto, SO I, GSIS


            The workshop TalkShop gave was an enlightening and enjoyable experience. I learned how to manage stress and other personality related topics like the New York walk which I will practice. The TalkShop consultants are brilliant!



Karen C. Quienes, SA, GSIS


The design of this training reminds us of who we are and that we are not alone in this endeavor. We have to be objective in how to deal with people. I hope there will be future training with TalkShop!



Alegre R. Ramiro, Acting SO III, GSIS


I have learned so much in this exceptional training. It can be used in our daily life. I have improved and I will become better as a person inside and out.



Michael Samson, SA, GSIS


I acknowledge this training that was filled with many activities and self-reflection. I will be an improved person. TalkShop gave me more confidence and the right attitude to face the members. I am happy with the group and hopefully we could see each other in a future workshop. The TalkShop consultants are knowledgeable and motivational. Keep up the good job, TalkShop. Thank you Ms. Sheila Viesca and Mr. Claude Sta. Clara.



Alex John C. Tumala, SO I, GSIS


The TalkShop Consultants are prepared, excellent and eloquent. The workshop is an eye-opening experience and I will use my experiences to excel today and in the future. It was also organized and well-planned.



Ana Maria C. Vilar, SO III, GSIS


The TalkShop workshop helped me change my outlook in life. I have realized what I am capable of and what I should do with my potential. Of all the activities we had in the workshop, the role playing and the group activities are the ones I liked most. Thank you, TalkShop for this exceptional WorkShop!


Posted by TalkShop
Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication, took up Bachelor of Arts in Literature, pursued Master's degrees in Entrepreneurship and Economics, and completed her Doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN


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