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Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines has once again partnered with TalkShop to conduct the training of its new hires.  TalkShop has been working with FTCP since 2010 on various workshops that promote the personal effectiveness and customer service skills of its teams.

TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca says, “It brings the TalkShop team great fulfillment to be working with companies like Fujitsu Ten – we can sense their sincere intention and remarkable efforts to invest in the development of their people.   FTCP is one of the companies we admire because they hire the right people to do the job and immerse them in the right training that will ensure that they keep stretching their their potentials.”

Aside from Technical Writing, TalkShop also handles FTCP’s company-wide training in Negotiation Skills, as well as Management Communication. This year’s new Engineers share their TalkShop experience:


Merari P. Barraquio, Production Engineer, Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines


I would like to thank the FTCP Management for providing us TalkShop’s Technical Writing and Grammar Mastery training. In my nature of work here in FTCP, Communicating with the other sections and especially with our customers matters greatly. Not all companies provide incentives like this so I am lucky to be part of his team. Overall, TalkShop boosted my confidence. During this training, my communication skills improved. Ms. Sheila Viesca delivered the topic well. She caught everyone’s attention. Thank you and God bless you and the TalkShop team. Please continue this activity!


Charisse Base, Office Staff I/Nurse, Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines


This TalkShop seminar helped me in writing memos and proposals which I can use as the occupational health nurse of this company. I am thankful for this opportunity to review my English grammar and to refresh what I have learned from my English subjects. I also learned how to speak properly in front of the crowd by using the right gestures and tone that I can use in facilitating health seminars in the future. Ms. Sheila caught our attention and knows how to handle our group without compromising the activities and lectures. Thanks to Ms. Sheila, I became familiar with writing memos and letters even as a nurse.

Shayne Kimberly Bautista, Office Staff I, Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines


Ms. Sheila discusses clearly and precisely. Her lessons helped me improve my business writing to my customers. I am thankful to FTCP and TalkShop for letting us learn more about the standards of our work in the field of technical writing. I learned a lot about common mistakes we make through our letters and the proper grammar use. I believe that with these techniques we became more competitive and professional compared to when we started the seminar. I would like to join TalkShop’s Public Speaking seminar soon. I am hoping there will be more of this in the near future.


Billy O. Caballes, Production Engineer, Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines


I am so lucky that FTCP gave me this opportunity to take this take communication training. Ms. Sheila is a very good TalkShop consultant. If I were to give TalkShop a rating out of 5, it will be 5. I promise to do my best in applying all the lessons I learned.


Caren Joy I. Caga-anan, Office Staff, Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines


I have learned a lot from the TalkShop communication training. From the grammar to the proper usage of common words in sentences and down to actual writing of different types of business letters, I am glad I learned these. Ms. Sheila Viesca is a very good teacher. She is very accommodating and not threatening. The design of the workshop is excellent because it makes the participants at ease and comfortable. I am very thankful to the management for giving me the opportunity to widen my horizon about Technical/Business Writing. It has been very helpful for me to improve my skill in Public Speaking as well my writing skills. This experience is very helpful in serving our valued customer.

Brian Leo I. Castro, Production Engineer, Fujitsu Ten


Through this TalkShop training, I have learned the concepts of writing letters and memos. What I truly appreciated in this training is that we were able to speak in front and conquer our fear of public speaking. The training is very interactive and informative. You are learning while having fun. Ms. Sheila knows what she teaches and that is why you will lend her your ears. My self- confidence has improved especially in communicating with top management. So, I would like to thank my superiors and FTCP management for letting me attend this type of training. This TalkShop training will surely help boost our competence and self-confidence.  TalkShop is the best English school ever!

Charmane Cunanan, Production Engineer, Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines


Learning the TalkShop Communication training is a big thing for me. Using grammar and having self-esteem is the key for excelling in the Quality Assurance section because we communicate with our customers. I am thankful for this wonderful training regarding technical writing. I have learned a lot regarding the simple things – more so, with this training we become a better person. I have learned also how to write a simple but understandable letter. Ms. Sheila is not a boring teacher. Everyone in the seminar was enjoying while learning. Her speaking skills are excellent. Thank you very much for your time Ms. Sheila!

Maria Christine Joy V. Dalida, Production Engineer, Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines


The TalkShop training gave me a feeling of satisfaction. I learned a lot of things from basic English language up to the technical writing skills. It helped me to improve my knowledge in terms of communication. The workshop is best for people who are engaged in technical businesses. From the beginning, it helps you understand how important communication is until you get a grasp of the main point of the training. Ms. Sheila is an expert. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines for allowing me to attend the business and Technical Writing workshop. I hope I get a chance to enhance my speaking skills.


Jezreelyn A. De Castro, Expediter, Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines


First of all, I would like to thank the FTCP Management for giving us the opportunity to have this seminar. I know we had a hectic schedule but taking this seminar has not been waste of time. I learned a lot when it comes to business writing and technical communication. Ms. Sheila Viesca, the TalkShop consultant, is very good. I really enjoyed having this kind of experience, with all the games; it really helped us and broadened my knowledge on English writing. I will apply what I have learned in my daily activities and to improve my work.

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Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication, took up Bachelor of Arts in Literature, pursued Master's degrees in Entrepreneurship and Economics, and completed her Doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN


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