How can I make my memo different from a business letter?

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A memo is a written communication which is almost always transmitted internally, usually between employees and departments.  An employee or employer who writes to communicate will usually be writing a business letter or a memo.

For both types of communications, it is important to focus on the reader.  What point needs to be relayed to the receiver of the message.

Is it easier and more effective to write down your message rather than pick up the phone and discuss it right away.

Will the reader appreciate the documented message, or will it take up more of his time to respond to it?

What type of information is your reader after?

The memo and the business letter are similar in that they both have to focus on the message.  Always be clear about what you wish to convey.  Your time is as important as that of the recipient.  So be sure about your message and your reason for writing it.

Having mentioned those points, let us be clear that a memo is certainly different from a business letter.

While a business letter begins with a greeting to break the ice, the text of the memo is right away the “bottom-line statement” which is a short sentence that indicates the memos’ purpose.

Memos are short and to the point.  It is not necessary to repeat any line or information after indicating it once in the body of the letter.

A business letter, on the other hand, leaves room for transitions and repetitions if they will help connect the thoughts between paragraphs.

To write a good memo, remember the following points:  Identify your reader. Be concise in your choice of sentences.  And go straight to the point.

Lastly, be cordial as you maintain  the business-like tone and concise presentation.   Remember that the memo’s terse style is never an excuse for harsh or disrespectful language.




The writer is TalkShop Founder and CEO Sheila Viesca, author, trainer, and communication guru to key executives and teams of top corporations. She is the pioneer of Integrated Language Teaching (ILT), a training methodology that merges the learning styles of the East with the teaching styles of the West.   She can be reached at www.talkshop.ph  | (632) 894 5588  | 0917 853 5588.



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