How to Ace the Beauty Pageant Q & A


While the QUESTION and ANSWER portion in a pageant is rather spontaneous, a contestant has to be diligent in preparing for this portion. What you say, how you say it, and the aura that you project in the process become key to setting you apart from the rest of the other gorgeous women on stage.

It must be a terrifying experience for you need to think on your feet. You have to be quick and sensible.  But, with good preparation, you can be spotted as the winner. It is the make or break moment. How can you avoid being flustered? How exactly do you prepare for this moment? Master these 9 tips to ace the next beauty pageant Q & A:

  1. Know the relevant issues around you. Local and international news.
  2. Broaden your interest (Watch foreign news, business news, sports, break throughs in science and technology).
  3. Discuss relevant issues with your family and friends. Then, expand your circle to include others who may not be in your “inner circle.” Express an opinion. Have a stand. Speak from the heart.
  4. It may help to keep a journal daily.Have quick notes on what caught your attention.


Do short reflections. Be diligent at this.

  1. Initiate discussions with people around you. Broaden your perspective.
  2. Practice. Anticipate the questions and prepare answers. Explore issues on humanity: equality, dignity, social justice and yes, world peace.  Write them down so you can review. Rephrase. Try to be concise.Articulate your thoughts in 3 to 5 sentences.
  3. Have a pool of “memorable, ownable lines” that may come handy as a clincher. (Remember Pia Wurtzbach’s “Confidently beautiful with a heart”).
  4. Develop a positive aura. Make it a point to smile and greet people until it becomes so natural. It becomes part of your persona. Also develop the ability to be positive when you are under any kind of stress.
  5. Get trained by professionals. Check out various courses that would help you build confidence in yourself.  Develop your communication skills, your ability to interact with strangers and social etiquette.


And, when the moment for Q & A comes, welcome it as the opportunity to shine! It helps to pray beforehand as it will calm your nerves.  Then: Focus.  Smile.  Relax.  Listen very well to the question.

Take a moment to pause and collect your thoughts. And, you can be discrete with this. So as not to be obvious, you can rephrase the question to segue as intro of your answer. (The likes of: If I were to be given the chance to….. I would…..).  And again, remember to speak from the heart.  Be sincere without sounding opinionated. Be single-minded with your thought.  It is best to be concise and clear with your answer. Having so many ideas and compressing them into a minute or two will only make you flustered.

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