How to Excel in Technical Writing

TalkShop effective technical writingTechnical writing does not have to be dull. Though it does not adopt the personal touch nor emotion-laden tone, the challenge is for technical writers to be creative as well. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO clarifies, “As in any form of writing, creativity is also required from technical writers. The challenge is for them to find a way to connect with their readers – the end users, while adhering to a specific pattern.

Viesca shares these tips for effective technical writing:

1. Collate and organize the information. Prepare your outline.

2. Determine audience and purpose. Switch to user mode to be able to communicate the message directly and clearly.

3. Use simple, concise language and precise words that are easily understood by everyone. Consider the different backgrounds and comprehension levels of readers. Bear in mind cross-cultural concerns when you write.

4. Remember your company’s values as you write. Adopt your company’s voice.

5. Make your work sound interesting and relevant. Guide and inform your readers without boring them.

6. Drive home your point by using charts, graphs, illustrations.

7. If sentence construction sounds awkward, revise.

8. Work harmoniously with your team. Your work is a group undertaking after all. Teamwork will help expedite the work all-around.

Advance in your writing career. Churn out business correspondence, how-to guides, manuals, and presentations that make you shine. TalkShop’s Technical Writing course teaches you with this interactive workshop that includes reliable metrics that monitor improvements and ascertain that technical composition techniques are acquired and applied by participants.

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Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication, took up Bachelor of Arts in Literature, pursued Master's degrees in Entrepreneurship and Economics, and completed her Doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN


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