Excellence in Customer Service is imperative in the competitive world of business.
A company’s ability to excel in customer service is both an art and a science.

Across many industries and varying positions, whether one is a front-liner, administrator, team leader, or business owner, competency in communicating and relationship building will spell the success of one’s endeavor.

2012 Global Customer Service Barometer report stated that customers are twice as likely to share unfavorable customer service experiences over favorable ones. And since the wide-scale broadcast of all feedback is just a click away, companies will be served well by these 10 TalkShop pointers to pursue excellence in customer service:

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Companies must define, communicate, and intentionally create great customer experiences through practices that are aligned with their brand and strategy.  Everyone in the company must by into the corporate vision and align their actions on the corporate values.



An accurate picture of your market will enable the company to plan the different
interaction points between their customers and the company.  Developing different customer interaction models using a knowledge-base of customer expectations helps create excellent customer service intentionally, not accidentally.



Customer Service is everybody’s business.  Every front-line employee, sales personnel and backline support teams must be proactively involved in ensuring that customers’ experience is excellent at all times, in every way.



The company must be easily accessible to the customer.  The customer’s struggle to reach the company whenever in need must be reduced to a minimum. Communication channels to enhance company accessibility must be set at optimum levels.  These channels include live chat, live call, email, SMS, live person-to-person interaction.

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The speed with which the company is reached by the customer using different channels of communication is a main determinant for quality of customer care.  Tracking of response times for various types of customer query enable companies to monitor and analyze their performance.\



Two abilities are essential to achieve customer service excellence:


a)    Technical Ability – The science of customer service is anchored on the ability
to provide the correct technical information, quality products and technical
support needed by the customer in an effective way.


b)    Interpersonal Ability – The ability to appeal to the emotional needs and ego of
the customer.  A great measure of interpersonal ability is one’s sensibility and willingness to listen to what the customer is saying or considering.



Accuracy of information received by the customer can reflect on the reliability of the company.  Basic information any company representatives should have must include familiarity with the company background and vision, along with the knowledge of the product, service, and target clientele.



Customer service implies courteous friendly behavior, emphatic listening, evident sincerity, and the ability to apologize when warranted as customer concerns are responded to.  Customer service excellence is delivered when care is shown by one’s ability to attend to the customer’s concern using a positive tone of voice and the appropriate gestures, such as a cordial smile and a cheerful demeanor.



Training front-liners impacts customer servicing positively. The competent and likeable front-liners who serve the customers attentively and cordially manifest the quality of the organization they work in. Customer concerns are also likely resolved speedily when front-liners have the authority and skill to make decisions.




Personnel are empowered when companies create a safe and secure work setting where there is a clear approach to take when customer concerns arise, and particular individuals or teams are authorized to make decisions based on set guidelines. In a safe and secure work setting, personnel are driven to exceed customer expectations because they feel accountable and have a sense of control over challenging customer-related situations. When they feel they have an ally in management and that they will be listened to, they are more likely to stay motivated and enthusiastic about helping the customers.

The purposeful action of company management is a strong determinant of excellent customer service. Management, therefore, must know their personnel well so proper work deployment is done, individual fit and limitations are addressed, and a trusting work environment is created to enable the consistent delivery of excellent customer service.

A skills and knowledge assessment is in order for the management team to determine how employees can be trained in the competencies required of them – whatever skills they may lack or need to develop.  The company can then define the need for one-on-one coaching, team building, and interpersonal relationship building. To empower employees, management must provide the appropriate training which includes not only the knowledge but the interpersonal and decision-making skills as well.

Companies who pursue excellence in what they do are made up of people who are open to learning and are oriented to be the best they can be.  TalkShop, the leading corporate learning center whose training programs are competency-based, results-oriented and customer-centered, offers workshops in Communication, Leadership and Management, Work Competencies and Personal Development to empower individuals and help companies strengthen the leadership skills and potentials of their teams.

Founded by Dr. Sheila Viesca in 2000, TalkShop can customize its training program to fit your need, schedule, work requirement  and align the same with the mission, vision, core values and brand of the company you represent.

Being the Philippines’ only communications training provider that is ISO-certified, and Civil Service accredited, TalkShop is the best learning partner for those who aim to consistently delight their customers and stay on top of competition.


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Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication finished her bachelor degree in Literature, masters in Entrepreneurship, and doctorate in Applied Cosmic Anthropology. She designed the Philippines' Language Competency Benchmark for the Department of Education and pioneered Integrated Language Teaching (ILT) in workshop designs and corporate communication training. You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Google+


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