Inter and Intra Personal Relationship Effectiveness Workshop Testimonials – City Government of Pasig


Ma. Recie Peralta, Liquidating Officer
I learned from the seminar to boost my self-confidence in terms of engaging with people in an effective and efficient manner. I have learned a lot especially in the Enneagram. The program design is wonderful.
Ms. Sheila Viesca taught us well and I easily understood everything. I was able to lessen my fear of public speaking.

Annaliza Garganta, Liquidating Officer
The lessons in the seminar can help me a lot as a public servant. I have learned that effective communication should be accompanied with a good speaker and listener. The TalkShop program design is very organized.
Ms. Sheila Viesca is a very accommodating, interesting and a brilliant woman.
The workshop taught me that the best way to become a leader is to know how to properly communicate to others.

Christian Espiritu, Liquidating Officer
I learned more on connecting with every individual who surrounds me. TalkShop design really helps the person learn to be themselves.
Ms. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop Coach, explains and elaborates the topics very well. TalkShop workshop helped me improve my personality.

Manolo Concepcion, Cashier 111
I learned how to communicate and interact with other people. The program design is geared to help one relate well towards others.
Ms. Sheila Viesca is very precise in every topic discussed. She’s very accommodating. The workshop has improved my personality and self-confidence.

Lolet Austria, EAV
I am so thankful for having been given the chance to get to know more about myself and see through others. The seminar helped me ease through the things I used to find difficult to understand. Thank you again to Ms. Sheila and to GAD for this seminar. To God be the glory!
The program design is very well done. Ms. Sheila Viesca is passionate about what she teaches and she is patient. This workshop has given me an understanding of my capabilities and others too.


Teresa Sarinas, Liquidating Officer
In three days I gained knowledge about effective communication. My skills in dealing with others have improved my public relations. I can say learning from TalkShop is not only for public service but to learn how to appreciate each participant who joins this training.
The Consultant, Ms. Sheila Viesca, is prepared and an expert. She’s impressive. This seminar taught me some techniques on how to deal with taxpayers.

Norman De Leon, Operations Chief
I do enjoy the rest of the exercises since day 1 to day 3 but I valued out last day the most because we gave each other advice regarding stressors. I am now more confident in inner relations and communication as well. All activities are good and exciting.
Ma’am Sheila is excellent. She delivers the topics very well. I can say that I can now overcome my fear in public speaking.

Ma. Magdalena Mejia, Chief-License Division
This is the kind of seminar that I have been waiting for! I learned so much that I can feel that I am a different person now.
Ms. Sheila Viesca is an expert. She knows what she is talking about. This workshop will surely help me become an effective communicator.

Carmela Gonteza
I’ve been through several seminars but this kind of seminar on Personality Development is very much fit for me in discovering who I am, what I can do, and improve on myself with the full knowledge and strength I gained from this to face any situation in my workplace.
TalkShop’s program design is excellent and impressive, perfect for those who want to explore and discover themselves.
Ms. Sheila Viesca is perfect and exceptional. It transforms one to be a much stronger, knowledgeable person.


Glenn Manlapid, City Vet
I enjoyed all the activities and it is an honor to be included in a very productive and helpful seminar – like knowing one’s inner core.
Ms. Sheila is very well-versed with all her topics. She relays the message very well. I discovered my core-values and traits that I can use in my daily life in dealing with different personalities.

Judith Asada
It’s a 5 rating for TalkShop workshop in all areas. TalkShop program design is interesting. The Trainer, Ms. Sheila Viesca, is gorgeous.

Hermogenes Lerio, OIC Engineering Dept.
Most of the topics discussed are inspirational and were chosen mostly for depth and breadth in evoking the passion to make one’s life more meaningful.
Having benefited from the discussion and experiencing the gradual transformation from being a less enthusiastic person to one who is consumed with the passion for living a God-inspired life, I feel it is worth attending this seminar.
The program design is interesting and a meaningful experience in all areas because of the wide range of topics covered.
Ms. Sheila Viesca is very good. I became very much aware of my general work, personal, and professional life.
Lea Nar 
This program is nice. I learned a lot from TalkShop. I need this more often. Thank you, TalkShop. I learned to express myself and communicate with different people.
I like the archetypes and behavioral tendencies. Ms. Sheila Viesca explained the topics very well. I can now communicate without being shy.

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