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TalkShop works anew with the International Labour Organization, the only tripartite U.N. agency. Represented locally by the ILO Country Office for the Philippines (ILO Manila), this specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) continues to promote social justice and internationally-recognized human and labour rights.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) was established in 1919 as part of the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I. It is the United Nations agency where governments, employers, and workers have, through a tripartite structure, work as one voice in promoting decent work for all.

To this day, ILO brings together other UN agencies and representatives of the 187-member states to work in shaping policies and programs that improve human conditions and life at work.

As the ILO Country Office for the Philippines conducts its mid-year Planning and Retreat, it partners with TalkShop to facilitate the 3-day program that aims to promote and achieve ILO Manila’s goal to deliver as one, by better understanding operational strategies and reinforcing field office links using the organization’s policy frameworks.



Here are the testimonials from some of the participants:

Julius MhilPanzo, International Labour Organization,

I was able to learn the technical language of the program. TalkShop’s program design is excellent.

It’s a well-done job.

Gie Creer International Labour Organization,

Exercises and games were linked and relevant to topics discussed. TalkShop Consultants are professional and well-prepared.


Aldin Beta-a, Program Officer International Labour Organization,

It is an excellent way of knowing our colleagues and each other’s tasks plus deliverables. My expectation was exceeded. The program design is great. I like all activities.

The TalkShop Consultants facilitated well.

Ma. Lourdes Macapandan, PA International Labour Organization,

I liked how we were able to integrate fun exercises even in technical areas of work. I liked the SDGs exercise most. It was a mix of communications, technical and practical strategizing.


Biz Baylon, International Labour Organization,

Finally, I am able to better understand ILO and what it does .  I am glad this happened in my one and a half years in the organization. I was able to connect my tasks to the projects I support. I learned a lot.

The program design is very detailed. TalkShop Consultants are good at what they do. They brought balance to the workshop.

Bryan Balco International Labour Organization,

Great Work! Job well-done!

I learned very much in terms of getting to know other colleagues. The program design is very good, well-prepared.The TalkShop Consultants are fantastic. The workshop has transformed my heart.

Orlando Pajartin International Labour Organization,

The program is great. The Consultants are very good.



Leizl  Amparo, Admin Clerk International Labour Organization,

It exceeded expectations. The program design is great. Consultants did a good job! Well-done .



Mary jean Liberato,  Programme Assistant International Labour Organization,

This activity increased my awareness about what ILO is doing. I learned a lot. Topics and discussions are relevant to us. The program design is very good.The Consultants are excellent in doing their job. Methodologies used are unique.


Marcela Hilot International Labour Organization,

I am thankful for this workshop and grateful for the opportunity to attend it. I have learned a lot. It’s good learning tool for us who work in the field. I like all.

TalkShop Consultants are good and effective. The workshop brought openness to other colleagues. Information transformed me to be better.


Clemente Obraz International Labour Organization,

I gained a lot regarding work, how we work, and relationship towards my fellow employees. The program is excellent. It made me more knowledgeable. The TalkShop Consultants are excellent. The workshop made me more awareand hard working.


Jake Tolentino International Labour Organization,

I find the group exercises of TalkShop organized and engaging.

TalkShop Consultants are energetic, well-versed in organizing group activities. The workshop improved my stage presence.

Gwyneth Anne Palmos, National project Coordinator International Labour Organization,

I learned rich discussions which hopefully will produce excellent. I appreciated the exercises that encouraged collaboration.

Being optimistic in having a stronger and more solid team, working towards the same goal are the most significant learning for me.

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