Leadership Can Be Developed


While there will always be a portion of the population that do not have the capacity to lead, a good percentage are innate leaders. There is usually a broad number of people who have the potential to lead. They just need to develop the skills.

How can leadership be developed? First let us qualify what a leader is. The initial association with leadership is authority and position.  This may result in a “forced relationship” between leaders and followers, especially in any formal structure. Reliance on leadership based on authority and position alone is one of the main reasons for fast turn-over of personnel.True leaders influence.Those who draw their leadership presence merely from authority and position may be domineering but are not necessarily leading.

True leadership emanates a contagious energy that stir people to action, drawing out the best in people and the best in situations.As John Maxwell pointed out, we have the likes of Mother Theresa (now a Saint), Lady Diana (an icon for humanity), Nelson Mandela (an icon for justice and equality). They were among many other leaders with no position, but were of tremendous influence.


Development of Leadership in Children



Effective leaders have the integrity, vision, and tenacity to see through their goals. They do not easily give up. They will rise above hurdles. So, resist the urge to spoon feed. The difficulties they face in life will be their best lessons. Guide them but, at the same time, let them make decisions.When they process their own dilemmas, they learn to be responsible for their actions. Learning from experience theconcept of “cause and effect”develops strong character too. They may fail, and they will fail, but they will learn to rise and persevere.


Application in the Workplace



Once you have the desired character in you, level up by developing team effort. But first, know the corporate vision and goals. If you have suggestions and initiatives, express them to your superior and sound them off with your colleagues. Solicit their feedback. Involve them in the planning and implementation. A sense of ownership will make them committed to see through the project. It will make them give their best.  After all, synergy gives better results than the myopic view that your goals are for your personal gains only.

Bear in mindthat a true leader influences. Be the source of energy and inspiration. Always aim to encourage and motivate. Show appreciation for others’ efforts. And, when there are problems, find solutions as a team. When you rise through the hurdles together, you reap the rewards together. John Maxwell had the wisdom to say, “It can be lonely up there if you do not bring people along with you.” Good leaders develop good leaders. They develop loyal employees.

Leadership can be developed.  The first consideration is that IT CAN START ANYTIME.  A child starts having a sense of it.  Then through the years, an adult responsibly and mindfully decides to mature into it.  The second consideration is that the process of becoming a leader and excelling as one STARTS WITH YOU.  You are the most vital part of that first step that you take – the first right choice that you make.   The final consideration is that all opportunities that come your way give you the option to MAKE THAT ONE RIGHT CHOICE toward true leadership.

Eventually, those of us who choose, grow into being a true leader who influences.Call TalkShop today and let us help start up that journey and fortify those possibilities. info@talkshop.ph    (632) 894 5588


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