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One of the reasons a company encounters high employee turnover is the quality of management. While a competitive salary is a given factor, the leadership plays a major factor in the employee retention or attrition rate. Losing good employees mean losing good organizational assets. Evaluate how you run your company.

What is  your management style?


Check how all decisions are made. How does management relate to subordinates?

In an autocratic set-up, the manager makes all decisions with not much regard for employees’ inputs.While management is seen to be strong, confident, and competent, the subordinatesfeel stifled. There is no opportunity to be relevant.

Meanwhile, there are also permissive autocrats.In this case, as the management makes all the decisions, subordinates are given the latitude in the execution of their work. However, competent employees still feel demotivated. They feel there is no opportunity to grow.

In essence, an autocratic management style works best in crises management or crises-related situations. Autocratic management style is best for police and military operations.

A variation in autocratic management is the paternalistic management style. In this case, decisions that are taken into account concern the best interests of the employees and the business. Feedback from employees is encouraged. While this style encourages loyalty, it still lacks the ability to motivate employees who seek growth. It helps to have persuasive managers who willspend more time with subordinates, convincing them on how the decisions would be of benefit to them and the company. However, this approach still does not guarantee the retention of good employees. It still lacks the ability to motivate.


How can leaders motivate?


Excellent leaders have the vision and the tenacity to achieve their goals. Effective leaders who excel are able to influence and bring out the best in their people. Effective leadership stirs the organization through a compelling vision and such vision is clearly communicated to all.Effective leaders fuel energy in the organization. Everyone is challenged to translate the vision into concrete goals and plans. People are challenged and are given proper recognition. They are provided avenues to grow, to improve, and to contribute.

When subordinates are encouraged to participate, they will have a sense of ownership for their work. Fostering a sense of ownership is a very strong motivation. When employees see themselves growing and see themselves as relevant to the organization, they have strong reasons to stay. The best resolve is to immediately give feedback for their efforts. Words of affirmation are so powerful. But, ensure that in empowering the employees, they are supported with proper guidance and training.

To be an effective leader, one must learn the principles of excellent leadership.He must learn how to influence. Ultimately, communication plays an important role. Start by being conscientious of your management style. Be aware of how you communicate with your colleagues. Make good employees stay and grow. Bring them along your journey.

Make your employees stay. And as they stay keep them productive in their work and growing in their leadership roles.  Call TalkShop today and let us help you evaluate those leadership potentials as you become one of the best reasons for your best people to stay.  info@talkshop.ph  (632) 894 5588


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