On Being Positive Part 2



In dealing with people and difficult situations, it pays to be objective and constructive with our communication.

These would entail:

aware-1207670_640SELF AWARENESS

Admittance of baggage we carry (biases we have towards certain individuals) makes us more conscious of our motives. Do we want to correct them or put them down? When we put our attitude in check, we become more objective.



Our preconceptions and emotions can get the better of us for we can become insensitive and hurtful with our choice of words. In anger, we utter words that are hard to retract; words that make people defensive, rather than cooperative. To add more insult to injury, we might include past issues that have no bearing to the present. Unpleasant consequences then ensue, including severed ties and deadlock in finding proper solutions.



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Be assertive, not aggressive. What is the difference?

Assertive people get positive results. They put premium on respect for oneself

and others. They foster cooperation and synergy. They are open to compromise. Problems are identified not by pinpointing WHO went wrong but rather, by identifying WHAT areas need to be addressed to achieve common goals. Assertive people are team players.


Aggressive people on the other hand, want to get results by intimidation. They risk relationships at the expense of goals. The danger here is that they may lose sight of the desired output from people.

When biases rule with aggressive behaviour,  one becomes insensitive. One is left with no regard for the feelings of others – and becomes concerned with his own anger and frustration. One becomes counter-productive. This situation brews resentment and resistance from others.  It results in underachievement of otherwise high performers; low quality performance and high attrition rate follows thereafter.
Examine how you deal with people. Develop communication skills that make you a valued team player and leader. Bring out the best in yourself and others. Never lose your head so you don’t lose sight of the goal. Be part of the solution, not the problem, especially under stress and difficult situations.

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